A meal prep service is viewed primarily for fitness and helping people reach their physical goals. As our meal prep company has matured and gotten to understand our clients more, we’ve realized there was a bigger picture to our meals. Brain food! We saw that a large portion of people using our convenient meal prep service were looking for convenience in their day to day life. Looking to save time during lunch and keep their brains running at optimal levels. We’ve talked about these before but wanted to elaborate on these three points.

Before we dive into our 3 main points we have to explain how food interacts with our bodies and mind. Having a healthy eating regimen let’s your body and mind work the way they were meant to function. Only problem is we don’t all have the time and knowledge of how to eat healthy. That’s where our convenient meal prep service come in. We fully prepare your healthy meals in order to keep you performing at high levels. For work life, with your family or any hobbies you want to take on. Here are 3 ways our convenient meal prep service can help you accomplish your goals beyond the physical.

#1 Convenient Meals Save You Time

Our convenient meal prep service is just that, convenient! We supply meals to thousands of clients from San Diego all the way up to Los Angeles. We noticed that the traditional lunch for a blue collar worker was eating takeout. This unhealthy takeout food creates a sluggishness in workers that trickles into work and family life. Returning to work after eating foods that are designed to bring energy levels down leads to exhaustion. By the time you get back to your family at the end of the day with little to no energy left for you to nurture your families relationships. Our convenient meal prep service is designed to save you time spent shopping, cooking and cleaning.

Our days are broken into 3 components. Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner. Heres how our convenient meal prep service will save time in each of those meals. Breakfast, one of the most neglected meals. Mostly due to lack of time in the morning. If we do end up cooking it then sets our whole day back. Our breakfasts will ensure that your getting the proper nutrients to set you up for success. Lunch, no more having to leave the office and scramble for food. Having your lunch ready to eat will save you time and stress. It is scientifically proven that a healthy lunch increases cognitive focus and productivity. 50% compared to eating its unhealthy counterpart. Dinner, being able to come home and avoid the time spent cooking will allow you to save time that can be spent with your kids and spouse!

#2 Convenient Meal Prep Service & Cognitive Function

Diving deeper into the points made above and the scientific evidence behind the correlation of healthy food and cognitive function. Having a Health & convenient meal prep service at your service will not only save you time but make the most out of your time as well. As an example scientific evidence shows that focus can increase by 50% and productive by 150% when on a healthy eating regimen. Our convenient meal prep service will fully prepare your meals using the highest quality ingredients. Using organic produce, grass fed beef and free range chicken to craft your meals. This allows us to properly fuel your brain to function at high levels by using foods that support mental focus and function. More foods that can help your cognitive function here.

#3 How Our Convenient Meal Prep Service Can Increase Happiness

Stress can be correlated with time constraints and requirements. Having to finish tasks or be in certain places by a certain time can create unwanted stress. Furthermore adding the need to look for a meal in the mix only makes it worse and when you start skipping meals its all downhill from there! Our convenient meal prep service is designed to alleviate the hassles of your daily life. Getting rid of stress while providing foods that help function at higher level give you the capacity to deal with them in a healthy manner. Thus providing a happier life where tasks are accomplished in both your career path and family life.