Meal prepping is not as hard as it seems. If you know the basics, you can mirror or even perfect the meal preps that your local San Diego meal prep services bring to you. So, what exactly are the basics? Knowledge is really power when it comes to many things. That being said, if you know what you should be consuming, it will be easy to meal prep. We will go through 3 tips we think will make your meal prepping experience the best one.

What are the top 3 tips our San Diego meal prep service suggests?

Macro intake

Figuring out your daily macro intake is important when meal prepping. In order to meal prep for your needs, you need to know what those needs are. Calculating your macro-nutrients can seem like a difficult task, but it’s fairy easy. You can find various macro-nutrient calculators online but one we recommend is the one. Our specific San Diego meal prep service also has it’s own macro-nutrient calculator that is used to calculate your macros. This one, like most others calculates your macros based on physical attributes and fitness goals. Knowing your daily values is the first step, without it, you will not get the result you want.


Sticking to a few recipes is a smart way to start meal prepping. Trying to make too many different meals from the get go can be overwhelming. Common meals can include things easy to cook such as chicken, turkey, salmon, brown rice, quinoa, green beans, cauliflower, among others. To start, you should start with 2-3 different proteins at most. This will allow for you to get a good grip on the preparation time and help you cook more efficiently in the future. When trying to cook too many, most often than not you will find the meal prep process too lengthy. For this reason one of our top 3 tips includes to keep meals at a minimum.

Cooking Method

There are many cooking methods but some you are currently accustomed to might not be the best in terms of nutritional value. While you make have a cooking preferred cooking method, it’s always smart to choose the one best for you health. Instead of frying items, you can bake or even grill them instead.
All in all, these are only a few tips from one of your local San Diego meal prep services to help you start meal prepping. This is only the beginning and you can always tweak things to fit your lifestyle but we hope that this article will help you a bit. Thank you for tuning in to our top 3 tips on how to meal prep!