Working hard at the workplace can get tiring and will eventually effect performance and productivity. It’s as simple as that. Long hours will effect your mood, health, productivity, and overall well being. How can that be combated? A meal prep service!

1) Healthy Meals that increase productivity!

Scientific research has shown that healthy meals can improve productivity at work.

Ashley Stahl, a contributor for Forbes wrote an article about the The Links Between Diets And Productivity She explains about how eating the right portion and ingredients will help people become more productive. On the other hand, she else writes about how eating the wrong ingredients can have a huge affect on your work performance.

Furthermore, on , a reputable website that helps managers improve their management skills and helps them get the guidance they need to tackle their challenging roles has an article written by Tom Waterfall he writes about The scientific link between healthy eating and productivity.

In that article, Waterfall writes about how proper nutrition on average will increase work performance by 25%.

Here is an example, lets say if you’re a medium sized company with about 10 employees with a weekly salary of about $900 each, by providing the proper nutrition you can increase your team’s work performance by 25%.

In this scenario imagine your employees on average will get one certain task to do in one hour, and with that 25% increase of their performance, they can get the same task done in 45 minutes, and in this case your team has an extra 150 minutes to get more work done which is hypothetically equal to an extra two and a half people on your team, and from morning to night they will be able to produce more results for the company’s growth without paying for two and a half employees’s salary. In this case you save $1,750 just by investing $500 dollars of healthy meals for your employees.

Did you know?

When you eat well balanced nutritious meals from a meal prep service, it will improve things such as

  1. Energy and alertness
  2. Healthy immune system
  3. Greater concentration
  4. Improves mental health
  5. And lastly, it can improve healthy weight loss

When you skip on having a healthy meal, it can negatively affect you in the day by lowering your energy and productivity. In the majority of the time, wrong eating habits occur from abusing carb consumption. By excessively consuming the wrong carbohydrates in the day it can tend to cause the body to produce a ton of insulin, which in turn floods the brain with sleep hormones like serotonin and tryptophan. In the second phase, excessive insulin will cause a drastic decrease in your glucose levels. Since glucose provides energy for nearly all of the brain’s activities but in this phase they won’t have the ability to stay alert and to stick to their tasks.

So, Having access to healthy meals during work will benefit you and your employees in many ways!

2) Reducing turnover rate

In certain industries, employee turnover rate can be different.

According to Gallup polls, 21% or millennials have changed their jobs in the past year. In the same poll about 60% of millennials say that they are open to new job opportunities. However, employee satisfaction can be improved when they are in an enjoyable job environment that is unique like no other.



When employers offer healthy meals to their employees, this will ultimately save more money for their company. When a company shows their employees that they care about their general well being. Your team, staff, and employees will be less likely to make that decision to leave the company and find something better. In average, companies that lose up to $3,000 dollars when they lose an employee that earns $10 an hour. And for salaried employees who make up to $40k, the cost of that employee would be around $7,000 to $8,000.

3) Save money

EAT Club conducted a recent survey of employees that did not have on-site food options. Around 61% of them responded that when they leave for lunch, they are generally gone for about 30 to 60 minutes waiting in lines, traffic, and finding parking.

Depending on where your office is, restaurant lines, traffic, parking, etc., let’s assume they spend on average 45 minutes getting lunch, which may or may not include time to actually eat the food. Here’s the math:

100 employees * 3/4 hour * $40 = $3000 in lost productivity

Now let’s say your company provides lunch from a meal prep service everyday day, average cost of $10 per person. You can feed your entire company of 200 for $2000 per day, which is $800 less than the cost of lost productivity from just half of that workforce. It may seem like its not a lot, but add that up across 260 working days…you can figure it our for your self.

4) Lunch Culture

Having a company that offers free healthy food from a meal prep service can be great company perks! This will be a great way to start a lunch culture with everyone at the work place. This will motivating and enjoyable way to improve social relation with everyone at the company.

Managers that want to improve productivity in their staff can provide employees with a healthy meal prep service. Employees that have access to healthy foods from a meal prep service will build awareness. The benefits and will help support employees that want to have a healthier diet.

This can also have an effect on improving employee retention. Employers can offer a healthy meal service to their employees benefits and also help build a strong lunch culture in the work place. This can also show that you care about their well being and will help encourage them to work harder.

In conclusion

You may know by now how fast you can get the return on this investment in all aspects by providing your employees with proper nutrition. We believe in Meal Prep Sunday San Diego we have the perfect meal prep service for you that based on employees physical information, we can provide them with the perfect portion and nutritious meals to help your team produce better results and better growth.

Our meal prep service offers grass-fed beef, free range chicken, and organic produce. We fully prepare your meals and they are ready to eat, and all your employees have to do is heat it up for about 3 to 4 minutes and they are ready to go. All of our meals are packaged with our MAP system, our team vacuum seals and nitro flushes each container for extending the shelf life and freshness for up to seven days.

Every week we bring you a new set of meals so your employees will never get tired of eating the same thing. We deliver your weeks worth of meals FREE of charge every Sunday or Monday straight to your. We also provide workout plans for your employees that what to have a healthier life style.

Our meals cost about 10 to 11 dollars based on quantity of the order. No contracts are involved throughout this whole process, and just incase we did not earn your satisfaction, you can easily stop your subscription anytime!

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