Don’t Fear Fat. Too many people fear fat and do not have the proper facts to know how to effectively meal prep for weight loss. Fat is necessary. Not only does the body need fat on it to survive but you need fat in your diet for proper nutrition. Maybe they should have called the essential fat in your diet (an oily substance in liquid or solid form in food) a different name than the excess fat on your stomach or body (the soft flesh on the bodies of animals that helps keep the body warm and is stored for energy).

The body uses fat as a fuel source and is the major storage form of energy in the body. When we eat and exercise correctly and efficiently, our body burns fat effectively to fuel us. Preparing proper meals and prepping ahead of time with the right balance of nutrients will help you succeed in your fitness goals. Having a professional prepare and deliver your meals to you eases the burden. Let someone else do the tough work! You can just eat and enjoy.



5 Facts that you need to know to meal prep for weight loss

  1. Everyone knows Vitamin-A , Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E and Vitamin-K are essential. You must include those vitamins in your nutrition meal plan. However, these are all Fat Soluble Vitamins. The body cannot even absorb them without fat! That means no fat – no Vitamin-A (or D,E,K)! For proper weight loss management, add tuna or salmon as the lean protein in your meal prep planning. Combining the lean protein with squash, leafy greens and tropical fruit will provide a meal full of vitamins and healthy fat. This effectively planned meal will allow for vitamin absorption, correct fat content and achieve nutritional goals!



  1. Healthy fats can prevent weight gain. Studies show keeping your nutrition balanced with proper essential healthy fats can prevent excess weight gain. So yes, the right fat fights the wrong fat! Are we saying eat the right fat to lose weight? YES! So, create an effective plan for your workouts on Sunday along with the proper meal plan for the week. To help increase weight loss, create a meal plan that includes a total of 31-54 grams of healthy fat from various sources.


  1. Fats pack a punch!! Fat contains 9 calories per gram. That is way more than any other nutrient. You can pack more energy with a few healthy fats. A meal planned with a healthy breakfast that contains the correct healthy fats can energize you for the day. Add whole eggs and cheese as a source of essential fat in your meal prep to help promote weight loss. Proper planning is the key and timing your nutrients through the day leads to greater success! Obviously too much fat can add weight but excess calories from any source (protein or carbs) will create weight gain. That is why proper meal planning and prepping with exact serving sizes is so important. Use that concentrated energy for a fat blasting workout and gain lean muscle.


  1. Fat and happy!! Omega 3 Fatty Acids can help some emotional disorders. Studies have shown they can assist with depression. Salmon is a popular item to add to your meal prep for weight loss. Add walnuts in your meal prep to be happy while you are transforming your body! Or use a professional meal prep service! Don’t Worry Be Happy! Meal Prep for weight Loss - #1 San Diego Meal Prep Company
  2. Cushion, insulate and glow!! Fat is needed on the body to cushion organs as well as insulate the body. Zero fat is impossible and unhealthy. Some fat is needed even for top athletes. Essential fats also help promote healthy skin. No wonder those smart Meal Prep Sunday San Diego Chefs include peanut butter and yogurt on the menu.Peanut butter is another popular item to add to your meal prep for weight loss. They all have nice skin for a reason!! Proper pairing of foods and a solid meal prep plan is key to successful weight loss goals! Fat can be scary and confusing. Trusting the professionals is a great way to get all the nutrients you need in great tasting meals.


Goals require a plan. Your health requires a nutrition plan and meal prep is an essential step. Guidance, support and structure helps people in various areas of life. It is easy to drift off plan and start getting excess fat (or other nutrients). Professionals keep you on course and support you to achieve your goals.


Dedicated to Your Fitness and Health


Nate Church

Owner – On Track Wellness

Certified Personal Trainer – NASM


Dedicated to Your Fitness and Health