5 Protein Sources for weight loss

Trust us; it’s easy!

One thing that we can all agree on is that most of us would rather lose a couple pounds without sacrificing all the things we love to eat! The question is: How do we do that and what should we really stay away from if we want real weight loss results? In this post, I will be touching 5 Protein Sources for weight loss, how to cook them, and how they will benefit your weight loss journey. But before you dive into these recipe ideas, here some help on how to implement these.

Protein for meal prep

5 Protein Sources to add to your meal prep for weight loss

1: Protein in Seafood

Seafood such as fish, oysters, scallops, and more are usually very low in fat content. Although Salmon is an exception to fat content, it is full of Healthy fat (Omega 3 fatty acids) , so it is still capable of helping you lose weight. Light canned tuna is probably one of the most sought out protein sources for weight loss! Super versatile and easy to eat, this source is going to be your go to for any diet you might be following. Avoiding oil-packed tuna is also essential, as this will only add unnecessary fat content. Water packed tastes the same if not better in my opinion!

Some ways to seafood for weight loss are:

  • Mix canned tuna with Greek-yogurt (its fat free!) adding a bit of seasoning and eating them with some pita bread
  • Season Grilled Shrimp with vegetables ( Personal favorite steamed asparagus with lime and just a little bit of pink salt!)
  • Simple Salmon with a side of brown rice and vegetables

There are just so many ways to bring spice into seafood and with so many options it will defiantly not be boring and you wont be sacrificing taste for weight loss yet still lose the pounds!


2: Protein in Chicken

White meats are typically the go to for healthy eating and weight loss, so the next one on our list is chicken. Chicken provides our bodies with a lot of protein a very little saturated fat which is essential in a weight loss diet. Not only that but it also provides with vitamins such as B6 and B3 which aid in creating a faster metabolism. Chicken also helps in building muscle, and by trading your fat with muscle can help in toning the body. Probably one of the most versatile things to cook with, Chicken cacn come in many different forms when on a weight loss diet.

  • Simple Season grilled chicken with a side of rice or vegetables
  • Chicken and rice soup
  • Chicken Tikka Marsala and Indian delicacy with lovely mild flavors. (Yes I know what youre thinking “That has a lot of butter and cream!” you can easily substitute these for greek yogurt and half-and-half and it will create a similar texture without changing the flavor all too much!
  • Chili mango Chicken stir fry (Fav!) This delicious dish will probably also be your favorite, with its exotic mixture of spicy and slightly sweet combined with some brown rice.


3: Protein in Tofu

Tofu is an excellent alternative to a lot of unhealthy things we are eating. Created from soybeans, it is usually used in vegetarian diets. Not only does tofu contain protein but it also contains essential amino acids. Extra benefits? Count me in! Many people think that tofu is just a bland ingredient used in miso soup to create texture, but the reality is, you can make tofu as great as you want it to be! Its all in the way you cook it and how you prepare it! Dont be afraid to try these ideas at home and maybe at your own healthy twist.

  • Hoisin sauce glazed Tofu with a side of asparagus
  • Spicy Tofu (Suuuper simple! Just season with cayenne, cumin or any other spices you like and cook on a skillet until browned)
  • Marinated Tofu (Simple as well, Just marinate for 30 -40 minutes in a vinegar, garlic and oregano mixture and cook!)


There are obviously plenty of recipes to be looked up online for ideas on how to cook tofu, one of them is sure to fit your taste buds!


4: Protein in Eggs

Low in calories and large providers of protein just like chicken, Eggs can be created into many different dishes and continue to aid in weight loss. Averaged at about 78 calories per egg, these provide us with essential fats, vitamins and minerals! Also; they are very filling foods without too much of it needed, especially if you serve it with generous amounts of vegetables! Let’s just avoid eating too many and cooking with unhealthy fats like butter or oil. Here are some ideas for egg dishes:

  • Egg Omelette. Easy! Just throw in some mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and spinach and viola!
  • Egg sandwhich. Use whole wheat bread or even pita bread, slice some avocados and add some vegetables.
  • Spinach and artichoke quiche cups (Great way to start off your mornings!)
  • Poached egg and avocado toast (Or you can do that trendy thing where you put the egg inside the avocado. Maybe you guys will do better than I did!)


5: Yes, even protein in Low Fat Dairy

Low Fat Dairy comes in different forms. These include cheese, yogurt and icecream. Yes youre probably thinking “wow all the carbs in that are crazy!” Sure, for a lot of them yes but in reality if you portion control and choose specific types, they can definitely help with weight loss. They also continue providing the essential protein that you need. Low fat dairy products have less saturated fat and calories but still maintain a high amount of protein vitamins and minerals. Here are some ideas on how to consume the right low fat dairy sources.

  • Greek yogurt – Super versatile, eat it plain, with fruit or even combine into savory dishes!
  • Basically any low fat milk smoothies! Great way to start your day.
  • Whole wheat fettucine with yogurt sauce. There are so many variations to dishes like these, fin one that fits your cravings but still keeps you on your weight loss diet.
  • Cooking oatmeal in water and topping it off with a little bit of greek yogurt paired with slices of apples is a recipe for a perfect morning.


It is not that hard to find sources for protein but these 5 are super versatile, delicious and easy to cook with! Try them out and watch the pounds come right off! As with any diet plan make sure you also pair it with 30 minutes of exercise at least 4 times a week.


If cooking isn’t your thing, try this out!

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  1. Adam Johnsonsays :Reply

    Tofu also has 24g of unsaturated (good) fats and a study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that when people ate unsaturated fats after exercise the blood flow in their arteries increased by 45%, which resulted in more anti-inflammatory agents being rushed to the working muscles.

  2. Jennifersays :Reply

    For Tofu, you need to add vegetable soup. “This will provide flavour and extra nutrients without any salty, preservative filled seasonings that often cancel out the goodness found in the tofu

  3. Daniellasays :Reply

    One large chicken breast will give you your RDA of niacin which will help your body produce energy from all the foods you eat and keep both your nervous and digestive system healthy

  4. Kittysays :Reply

    Tofu or chicken breasts. A study at the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Chicago, found that when people flavoured bland foods with high fat food they lost more weight because they were more likely to eat higher quantities of healthy food.

  5. Kendra Johnsays :Reply

    I will suggest Whey protein is absorbed faster than any other protein, making it ideal for fuelling muscle growth before and after training

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