Life is a big game of decisions! We want to be successful in our career and want the summer body we’ve always said we would have one day. Work-life balance is one of the hardest things to obtain. If you’re seeking a few tips to help you obtain a healthy balance of accomplishing career and fitness goals, then read on. If not, you should still read through, the tips here can be applied to many different phases and parts of life. Hopefully, we can help get you to your goals through some of these mental training tips below.

Tip #1 Know Your Why!!!

Understanding why you’re doing something will set the foundation for your will and determination. It will help reinforce your discipline in the moments when you question yourself. It is undoubtedly the most important step which is why we have it at number one. If we had to describe what the “why” is, we would say it’s the by-product of what your goals will provide you if achieved. If you’re looking to push yourself at work for a potential promotion, your “why” may be a raise in salary. If your looking to lose 20 pounds then your “why” may be disguised as an increase in confidence or better health. Whatever it may be, it is detrimental to know your why on this journey to accomplishing your goals. So take a few hours or a day to simply think and manifest your goals into a “why”.

For those of us who balance a career and fitness journey, you will have to have multiple “whys”. We encourage you to constantly think of these on a daily basis. Helping you reinforce your vision and validate yourself in times of questioning. Our thoughts are truly things, make sure those things are helping you in a positive and constructive manner.

Tip #2 Routines Build Success

Building a routine will keep you on a direct path to your goals. Routines help build healthy habits and make your waking hours much more efficient. Repetition will signal importance. Clinical phycologist Lauren Whitehurst stated the following in an article for National Geographics “The science behind all that ‘create a routine’ advice”.

“Giving the body regular cues signals to the brain that an activity is important. And by doing something repetitively over time, Whitehurst says it begins to trigger an automatic response, which in turn helps the brain prioritize the behavior.”

Establishing a solid routine for your goals will give you purpose. Not only will it give you purpose for your goals but for your waking hours as a whole. It is not enough to simply want something to happen, it requires a system of tasks to help you get there. So how does this help you balance your career and fitness goals? Simply put, you will know what you need to do on a daily basis to accomplish these goals. For example, waking up early enough to eat a healthy breakfast and get a good walk in. Building a routine with this habit will get you properly fueled for your day and create a clear-headed path as well. This simple task will help boost your metabolism in the morning and increase your cognitive function for your career tasks.

Often times the habits you set in your routine will cross over to both career and fitness. Fitness habits generally speaking will improve overall health and brain function. Besides the cognitive and physical improvements a routine can offer, it ultimately creates a system for you to stick to. Don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable with this newfound routine, you can’t accomplish new goals with old ways!

Tip #3 Do The Work

Yes, this has to be said! The routine only works if your stick to the plan and execute with discipline. You can ask any high-level athlete or entrepreneur if they feel like putting in the work every day. If they keep it honest with you, they would tell you absolutely not! Everyone has days when they don’t feel like clocking into work, getting to the gym, or even a simple task like getting out of bed. This is when your “why” has to be remembered. If your goal is to build muscle or increase your salary, it definitely won’t happen on the couch watching the office. Nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing, especially in beautiful San Diego. There just has to be a designated time for relaxing and a designated time for executing your goals.

Balancing the two disciplines of a career and fitness journey can be challenging but will without a doubt be worth it!

Tip #4 Get Rid Of The All Or Nothing Mentality

For my fellow perfectionists out there, this one is for you! What is the all-or-nothing mentality? It’s basically you being too hard on yourself when a minor inconvenience pops up. Things happen and that’s ok! What’s not ok is completely abandoning the process and journey when a slight hiccup occurs. If you give in to an unhealthy craving please don’t call a quits on your fitness journey. As well as with careers, making mistakes will happen. Don’t beat yourself up.

A slight hiccup is no big deal. In fact, it can fuel your fire even more! Feeling the repercussions of eating an unhealthy meal or making a mistake at work will help you see the other side of what could be. Now, once you get a taste of slight failure, you’ll know it’s something you want to avoid. Accept that mistakes are a part of the process, even for perfectionists. understanding this will give you peace of mind in moments when it feels like you’ve completely messed up.

Tip #5 Eat Your Way To Success

Yes, you heard it here first, eat your way to success! We’ve talked about a healthy eating regimen before and what it can do for you and your life. We felt like bringing it back up for the purpose of balancing. Balancing is a never-ending act, it requires an everyday effort but will lead to overall fulfillment. How does having a healthy eating routine help with balancing your career and fitness goals? Cognitive function!

A healthy eating regimen will increase your brain’s ability to function and handle tasks in a much more effective manner. Our moods, thoughts, and energy levels are directly connected to the foods we eat. Balancing life’s goals can be a demanding and stressful process, give yourself the best chance to win. Eating healthy on a regular basis helps increase your focus and productivity. When combined with a disciplined routine stated in tip #2, this is a surefire way to get on track and stay the course till the job is done. Our bodies and minds are machines that require proper fuel, make sure your fueling with the right foods!

Bonus Tip!!!

So far we’ve talked about motivation, routines, discipline & healthy habits to help you accomplish the next set of goals. Balancing fitness and career goals comes with a price, time, and effort! The time-consuming tasks of having to juggle your career while staying on top of nutrition, hydration, and workouts can quite literally take up every hour of your waking day. We still need to live life! So let’s look at ways to save time.

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