You’ve probably heard it before, but “fitness begins in the kitchen”. It’s so true! You have to be able to fuel your body for success if you want success in transforming your body. If you want abs, you’ll need to have sufficient protein, vegetables, and water. Don’t forget about the last one! Water is so pure, and to have that as your main source of hydration is vital. Here’s a tip: have the first and last thing you consume everyday be water. When figuring out how to eat “clean”, it all starts with planning. At the beginning of the week, decide what you’ll eat for lunch and dinner. That way, you’re not coming home from work everyday and feeling like you’re having to make all those decisions then. And if you have your protein and vegetables already prepared, you’re set! Everything you consume has a direct affect on your body, and your abs won’t become rock hard until you make significant effort in the kitchen. One of the best ways to achieve this is through meal prepping! This is a solution many people use to stay organized and you can plan ahead. I use www.MealPrepSundaySanDiego.com for the majority of my meals. When you meal prep yourself, it can be overwhelming and be a lot of work. It is doable, but I like the idea of having a local San Diego meal prep company delivering meals to me. All I have to do it heat then eat! I am also getting sufficient amounts of lean protein and vegetables. This is definitely a good idea, especially when you want to transform your body and abs.


I still remember the day I decided that I really wanted to work on my abdominals. Turns out, I’ve worked on them almost everyday since then. Instead of having 1-2 days per week to have a killer workout focusing on abs, I work them into my daily workout. They aren’t the focus of every workout, but they’re definitely incorporated. I get in a ton of reps…a ton! As a result, I’ve become extremely proficient with all the exercises I perform, and the amount of reps isn’t daunting to me like it used to be. The amazing part is that I still continue to add the amount of reps and challenge myself as time goes on. Fitness is a lifelong journey, and there are always ways to continually challenge your routine and process.


If you try to 100 situps every night, you’ll get bored so fast. I utilize a variety of exercises that target all areas of the abdominals. I recommend doing reps of 10, 15, or 20 at most! Then move on to the next exercise to target another area. Create a list of several exercises, do them in those rep quantities, and then repeat that list in rounds. This way you’re not there focusing on one certain exercise for too long of a period. You won’t get bored and the variety will activate more abdominal muscles than you thought you even had!


Who knew that breathing was such a vital part of creating abs?! Many people will be doing a leg raise exercise, and realize they weren’t even breathing for 10 seconds. From the beginning, focus on breathing in your nose and out your mouth. Your breathing can actually help you keep on track with how many seconds you’re doing that exercise. You can also visually see your stomach expand and contract, which helps activate your abs. Breathing was definitely something that I learned later on, which I wish I would have known from the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you have a perfect six pack or on your journey to have one, breathing is a key part of maintaining and creating one.


Want the perfect six pack? You have to put in the work, and, trust me, it won’t happen overnight. The truth is that it does take time, sometimes a long time. You have to be able to remind yourself why you’re working towards creating a chiseled stomach. Is it to be able to feel comfortable taking your shirt off in public? Is it to fit in a pair of jeans that you haven’t worn in years? Everyone’s answer is different, and that’s okay! For me, I remember feeling bloated for years, and that feeling was always focused towards my stomach. I decided I wanted to feel strong in that area vs sluggish. And today, I feel confident and healthy. My abdominal exercises are a key part of my daily routine, and I’m continually motivated to keep working towards an even healthier lifestyle. Find your motivation and don’t forget it. The perfect six pack is different for everyone, so always remember that you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to others, but only to yourself from yesterday.

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