How Our Prepared Meals Help Accomplish Fitness Goals

Fitness goals are some of the most abandoned. The main reason people fail to accomplish the goals they set is due to their nutrition. Except it’s not necessarily the reasons you may think! As much as people fall off track and go on an unhealthy binge. Just as many set the bar too high on […]

From Stage 3 Cancer To The Best Shape Of My Life

My name is Shawn Finnegan, physical therapist, trainer, owner of quarantine fitness and core energy fitness. I’m 53 years old and currently in the best shape of my life. I’ve done it all from fitness modeling, training clients, and physical therapy. Along my journey through life, I soon faced the trying times of having throat […]

5 Tips To Simultaneously Balance Your Fitness & Career Goals

Life is a big game of decisions! We want to be successful in our career and want the summer body we’ve always said we would have one day. Work-life balance is one of the hardest things to obtain. If you’re seeking a few tips to help you obtain a healthy balance of accomplishing career and […]

How To Testimonials

Here is a link to a youtube video explaining how to record the video testimonial. Click Here Below are features and points you can pick from to talk about in your video testimonial. Thanks again for dong this! Hope you enjoy the meals and look forward to seeing your testimonial!

Meal Prep Delivery Service And How We Can Help

In the following steps I’ve listed out for you I will simplify and explain why and how our services here at Meal Prep Sunday San Diego can help make your life easier. Of course, there are a lot of ways our business can help make your days and lifestyle simpler but I have broken it […]

Gabby Ybarra’s Journey To A Balanced Life

Hey Meal Prep Sunday fam! My name is Gabby Ybarra and I’m an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, nutrition coach, and group fitness instructor. I’ve turned my passion into a career by helping others reach their fitness goals while creating lifelong sustainability. While one on one training is my main focus, I’m also certified in Functional […]

4 Ways Our Kitchen Stacks Up Against The Rest

Not every kitchen is created equally. We’ve progressed over our 5 years of operation and are proud to showcase the kitchen that we have created as well as the staff that keeps it running smoothly. In this blog, we will compare our kitchen to various other types of kitchens. Ranging from fine dining restaurants, urban […]

How Our Service Helps To Mitigate Covid-19 Contagion

Immune support is as important now as ever. Having the Covid-19 pandemic still lingering around and flu season coming up. It is imperative that we give our bodies the best chance to fight off any diseases or illnesses. We’ve had great feedback from our clients as to why they think our service is helpful during […]

3 Things Our Convenient Meal Prep Service Can Do for You

A meal prep service is viewed primarily for fitness and helping people reach their physical goals. As our meal prep company has matured and gotten to understand our clients more, we’ve realized there was a bigger picture to our meals. Brain food! We saw that a large portion of people using our convenient meal prep […]

5 Common Mistakes Made When Bulking

Bulking season is coming and we have to talk about the why, how and when of bulking. The purpose of a bulk will vary depending on the style of training that you pursue. Personally as an olympic weightlifter a bulk serves the purpose of building strength and allows me the opportunity to feel heavier weight […]