Many meal prep services San Diego will only supply you with your meal prep and the relationship ends there. But, how helpful would a workout plan or even workout tips be? Whether you are trying to gain muscle or burn fat or anything in between can be hard! But, despite the 80/20 rule, we believe you should really put 100% into both your nutrition as well as your workout!

Burn Fat With Fasted Cardio?

If only loosing fat was as easy as it is to gain it! Although the road to burn fat can be a difficult one, there are various practices that can help you with this. While there are many way to loose weight, we highly suggest fasted cardio. Fasted cardio has been proven to have some very unique fat loss benefits. Fasted cardio is the state of exercising with an empty stomach. That being said, this is done first thing when you wake up. Instead of having breakfast, going straight to the gym or even at home would be the alternative. Doing this increases both lipolysis and fat oxidation rates of your body. Lipolysis can be described as breaking down of fat cells for energy. Fat oxidation is the rate at which your cells burns the energy. Both of these combined create the perfect equation to burn fat!

Where do I start?

So, like everything it’s a lot easier to say it than do it. In reality, it will be extremely difficult. Making a habit of waking up early and getting your day started will get easier the more you do it. Whether you are running, taking a walk, using the stair master, whatever cardio you choose to do, start SLOW. Start off with doing 5 minutes each day and going up from there. If you push yourself too hard on the first days, believe me you will be exhausted and it will discourage you from continuing.

Why would any meal prep services San Diego care?

Not only do we care about our clients but we as one of tons of meal prep services in san diego, want to ensure you will get the most of our meal prep services!
If you have any questions, go ahead and let us know! We’re here to help guide you in your fitness journey!