Too many things to do, very little time…

Let’s admit it; there are moments in our busy lives where we stop and think “Do I really have to do this right now?” Weather we are referring to the pile of laundry in the corner of our rooms, or staring at the mountain of dirty dishes that mysteriously grew over night. Gym junkies, head of families, competitors, people working endless jobs; we’ve all got something going on in our lives that prohibits us from completing our daily chores. In San Diego meal prep is a very popular habit that’s been booming around the busy fitness community. It’s an excellent alternative to cooking every day, and cleaning up the subsequent mess that we just cannot avoid.

If we are honest it takes up an amount of time and dedication that we may or may not have enough of certain days. For the fitness community, it is even essential for them! Meal Prepping will give you the best fitness results when you pair them with your workout regimen. Not only do you know exactly what you are putting into your meals, but you are also pre-calculating your portions, you know what to eat, and what time of the day to eat it.

Not only this but as a bonus it even saves you time and money! Who doesn’t love some extra time to sun bathe in our San Diego Beaches, or enjoy spending time at home. Let’s dive in a little deeper and check out how this will benefit you in the long run.

“Why am I not getting results?”

Let’s remember that results are a gradual process with the right amount of dedication. Now, if fast food and unhealthy snacks are your go to during or after a busy day, then those results are being thrown straight into the trash. The hardest part of keeping up with a fitness goal is not the workout itself; its taking care of what you consume that has everyone wondering why they see no results regardless of how much they have been working out for. Why would we choose fast food places? Why the snacks from the vending machine at the corner of the street? The answer: Time. Fast food lives up to its name; it’s fast.

San Diego being a heavy tourist area, fast-food franchises are going to set up a lot of chains in the area, making it harder to ignore them. Whether you are running from work to pick up the kids on time, or hoping your 3 o’clock meeting ends quickly so you can meet your trainer to complete a 2-hour training session for your competition next month; the reality is that fast food is our go to when there just simply is no time.

“The less food you eat the better results you will get”

Eating unhealthy fast food isn’t the only enemy we have to keep an eye out for. Enemy number 2: not eating enough. A big misconception about weight loss and working out is: “The less food you eat the better results you will get”. Lies! This is literally only putting a serious amount of stress onto your body! The only action your body makes when you make this decision is that it resorts to “starvation mode”. Basically, your body freaks out because there is no fuel, so what happens next? It targets your muscle tissue to reserve energy, causing your body to become weaker and slower. What we want is the opposite. We want our metabolism to be active rather than slower, and by not feeding our bodies right we’re only doing the complete opposite. Your results? In the trash. Again.

Meal Prepping gets rid of the hassle of deciding what to eat and cook each day. It provides a quick and easy way to grab a lunch to go, and saves you the money you spend every day buying sushi at the suspicious bar across the street from the office. So, let’s give our wallet, pots and pans a break, and cook only one day out of the week with this popular San Diego meal prep routine!

Execution Plan!

Okay, now that we’re all on the same page that meal prepping is a good idea, our next question is: “How the hell do I even start?” First off, decide what your main reason for meal prepping is. Do you have fitness goals where you want to keep track of your food better? You want to save time and avoid cooking for your family for the rest of your life? Whatever your reasons are, base your execution off that.

For people with fitness goals, it is a great idea to research macro nutrients. Macro nutrients are basically the carbohydrates, protein and fat your consuming in your meals. These three components are usually what make or break any diet plan. Thus it is best to research (on your own or with a professional nutritionist / doctor) what your needs are. For anyone else it’s a simple issue of creating a meal list for the whole week in one go. It’s better to plan ahead than rushing to decide what dishes you can create out of the asparagus and canned beans you have in the kitchen.

Heres some help on dealing with Macro Nutrients

“I got this meal prepping thing down!”

After you’ve decided what you’re cooking and why you’re cooking it, set apart one day of the week to complete all the cooking. You’re probably thinking “But I don’t have time to cook, that’s why I’m reading this!” Trust me, once you get the hang of meal prepping, all those hours you spend every day trying to whip something quick up will all be chopped in half and minimized to only one day. You’ll thank me, you’ll thank yourself and you’ll thank whoever came up with the genius idea of prepared meals whenever you’re running late to work and your stomach isn’t ceasing to yell at you.

Choose your less busiest day and a quick suggestion for when you begin to meal prep: don’t make your meals too complicated just yet. Some simple chicken fajitas and rice will suffice until you can finally say “I got this meal prepping thing down!”. Try it out! Put as much effort into your meal prepping as you do when you’re pushing to finish those 40 squats.


Get Cooking!

Time to get down and dirty. One trip to the grocery store and you’re all set to initiate the Meal Prepping process. Take out and organize everything you will be using. Pans, pots, cooking utensils, ingredients and of course your containers to put your meals in. To make the process quick and easy, you want to start by cooking the things that take the longest to cook and do not require as much as attention.

Some other useful tips: Labeling each container with the date it was made, what type of meal it is and what time of day it’s better to consume that specific meal. As you go through the cooking procedure, make sure you clean as you go. Not only will it keep things organized but it will also save you from cleaning up a ginormous mess afterwards.

Also, remember that this process doesn’t have to be boring! Throw on some music, invite friends over to help you. You can even make this a weekly San Diego meal prep family bonding activity where you all help each other. Meal Prepping shouldn’t feel like a tedious task. By making it fun and entertaining you can make this much easier on yourself.

Meal Prep San Diego Service
Organizing your Meal Prep!

Watch how your life becomes easier!

Alas! The weeks’ meal prep is done and you’re staring into a fridge filled with foodie art. You can now think about the extra time you will have to do things that you want (even if those “things” include doing nothing at all). Now you can just grab and go every day. Prepared breakfast, packed lunch and ready to heat dinners, everything you need to eat throughout your week is ready to in less than 5 minutes! Apart from making your life easier, another thing you can do to feel the full effect of meal prepping benefits, is to keep track of how much money you spent before and after you’ve meal prepped.

The possibility of your expenses dropping drastically over a certain amount of time will be through the roof! Especially with San Diego expenses, you’ll be glad you’re saving this much money! Plus, your meals are much healthier and you know exactly what you are eating.


Things to remember:


If you try it out and ultimately figure that it is not the thing for you, no problem! There is no shame in cooking every day or eating out! But if you have fitness goals just keep in mind of what you are putting into your body. Workouts and healthy meals are the perfect pair!

Extra trip: If you just don’t want to deal with the hassle, you can simply contact Meal Prep Sunday San Diego. This San Diego Meal Prep Service shops for you, counts your macros, and personalizes your meals so they can be a perfect fit for your fitness goals! With delicious, ever-changing meal plans to choose from, it would become a much easier and trustworthy process.

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