When creating a meal prep plan, you should be aware of what portions or each section you are consuming. Macros are divided into three different groups; protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Of these, we have writen blogs as well as recording short summaries of protein from the portions, source, even the effects it has on your body. Some of these include hormonal changes and functions that protein assists or completely is in charge of. We will be moving onto the next component of macros which are carbohydrates.


Carbohydrates are found in foods such as grains, bananas, cereals, among many others and are necessary for your body to work correctly. As I’ve mentioned plenty of times before, what you provide for your body is what your body will produce. Correctly creating your meal prep plan starts with having full knowledge in each aspect of what your food should contain.





Carbohydrates assist your body in many different ways and are an important factor in your meal prep. Before going on with HOW to implement carbs into your meal prep you should understand WHY they are important and what they provide for your body. First and foremost, carbohydrates provide your body with glucose. Glucose is your number one source of energy. They help with bloating because of the fiber that carbohydrates contain. You will effeciently get rid of waste by keeping bowel movements regular. Carbohydrates carry tryptophan, which assists the body in the production of serotonin. This is the “happy” hormone which helps you not only feel happier, but rest well. Another benefit carbs provide are plenty of B vitamins which not only provide your body with assistance in producing energy but also red blood cells that are vital to good health. Carbs can even boost your metabolism!


Carbs Can Be Good!

Although there are tons of things carbohydrates provide for you when properly implementing them in your meal prep, they are very tasty. Meal prepping can be more enjoyable while bringing your body the best nutrition. Carbohydrates should never be left out of your diet. As mentioned, they provide tons of benefits to the body. Stay tuned for our next blogs in order to learn more in depth about each benefit carbs carry along!



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