Carbohydrates otherwise known as carbs aren’t necessarily BAD, it’s the portion and source that makes all the difference. In these series of blogs we have gone over what benefits they have, the best source, and how they affect your hormones. To continue going deeper and deeper in the importance of carbs in a diet, we will continue talking about the PORTION you should be having them in. Too much or too little can affect your body in negative ways which will stray you farther and farther away from your fitness goals!


Not only does eating carbohydrates matter, it also matters HOW you eat them. Many go from one extreme to the next. While some overeact, some completely deprive their body of them. This information can be used to prepare your meal prep or even just used as a guide when cooking or even eating out!


Over-eating Carbs

An easy way to prevent overeating carbs is to take a good look at your plate. If you have things on your plate such as pasta, avoid consuming tortillas or bread with that meal. Doing simple things like that help keep you on track with your carbohydrate intake. Keep in mind, overeating certain types of carbs can lead to gaining weight, insulin resistance, among various other health problems. While you may think “this will never happen to me” it’s very common especially in the United States. Overeating carbohydrates combined with unhealthy lifestyle choices has been linked to health problems of these kinds including death!


Under-eating Carbs

While overeating carbs is more common, under-eating them is also a problem. Not many think about the opposite side. Not eating enough of the right type of carbohydrates can lead to stress and bad mood. I will link an article below explaining how carbohydrates positively affect your hormones.

Right Amount of Carbs

Consuming the right amount of carbohydrates, along with other variables ensures that you are getting correct nutrition. You will not only look, but FEEL better!


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