Why does our San Diego meal prep company care?

To get results when trying to burn fat, there is no way around cardio. Although our San Diego meal prep company is very nutrition driven, exercise is a main portion of healthy living! In order to get the results you want whether you are ordering from our service or not, you need to be informed. Today we will be focusing on cardiovascular training and its importance to your fitness journey!

Cardiovascular Training

Cardio is not usually liked among many but it needs to be done! Although it’s true you need cardio to burn fat, there are a few tips we can give you on how to achieve your fitness goal as FAST as possible. While fitness should be steady rather than rushed, it’s always best to get the best out of your effort. Efficiency is definitely great, like they say work smarter not harder!
If you are putting all your effort in your cardio and are seeing minimal results it might be due to repetitiveness. If you do the same thing over and over with no change your body will display that. Jogging on the treadmill, walking, or even doing the stair-master for the same time at the same speed is not the best approach. Doing this will take your body a long time to burn fat. Although you are burning fat, it might be at a very slow pace. This can lead many to give up because of lack of results. This type of cardiovascular training is helping you stay in the deficit, but it’s a slow approach and not the best.

Being in the Deficit

Being in the deficit of calories means you are burning more calories than you need. If you are following a meal prep plan from your local San Diego meal prep company, you need to make sure it’s specialized for YOU. If you are preparing your own meal prep, you should correctly count your macros to see results. Lets say you are using up 1,000 calories just to carry your daily life. If you are consuming 1,100 but burning 200 calories at the gym you are in the deficit. This means your body is using up the stored energy you have. What that means? You’re burning fat! No matter what, being in the deficit of calories important when trying to burn fat.

Challenge yourself

It’s vital you are in a deficit, but you should always try to challenge yourself. If you maintain the same cardiovascular routine for too long, your muscles will get used to it. This again, will lead to very minimal results. Your muscles need to be challenged in order for optimal results. How would you challenge yourself in a cardiovascular activity? You can challenge yourself from one of the top three variables which are speed, type of training, and time. Changing these three, you are able to challenge your body, build muscle, burn calories, and increase metabolism.

Implement this

We have a separate blog which I will link below that walks you through the steps to getting to your ideal cardiovascular training. Aside from this we will continue giving you daily tips on how to eat, what to eat, how to train, when, why, everything in between so stay updated! We post 4 blogs a week, not only for our clients but to anyone who is on their fitness journey. Thank you so much for your continued support!