Changing Menu

Since our menu is constantly changing, it can be difficult to come with recipes to both be tasty and deliver nutritional value. A changing menu makes the process somewhat lengthy but it is definitely worth it. While there is only a few dishes in each weeks menu, each and every dish is made to perfection. While some of our dishes are well-known, others are changed to our preference, and some are even completely new recipes. This allows for a good mix of popular dishes as well as brand new ones to expose our clients to a variety of flavors.


Once we have come up with the weekly menu, the next step is shopping for the ingredients. Having a changing menu makes the shopping part a lot more difficult. Calculations are made every week of completely different items. Our San Diego meal prep service does this to bring you variety. On Wednesdays, our chef and owner get together and finalize any extra changes that need to be made and go ahead and place the order with our local produce service.


Allowing for a changing menu is something out San Diego meal prep service strives hard to make happen. Working toward your fitness goal should be enjoyable. Having a changing menu keeps you on track for long term. If San Diego meal prep services were to keep the same repeating menu, you would soon be bored with the food.

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