Carbohydrates, simple or complex are all just simply sugar. Complex carbs are be found in grains, potatoes, and even vegetables. Regardless if it’s a carbohydrate is simple or complex turn into glucose. Glucose supplies the cells in your body and even your brain. Unused glucose is stored in muscles and in your liver for later use. These complex carbs provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and even fiber that are key to a healthy individual.

Complex Carb: Slow Digestion

Complex carbohydrates contain many different vitamins, minerals, and even fiber which are key components of a healthy individual. Most of the carbs consumed should be from these. The reason being is that this type of carbohydrates have many benefits of those, a metabolism increase. Metabolism is important whether you are loosing weight, building muscle, etc.


These carbs make the body work very hard to be able to break apart these long chains of sugar molecules, in turn they lead to the body having optimal metabolism. While some assume that a low-carb diet can lead to weight loss AND improved metabolism, but in reality it’s the opposite. While a carb deficit may lead to sudden weight loos, your metabolism will deteriorate in the long run. This causing your entire digestion system and weight loss momentum to suddenly halt. So, for optimimal energy. weight, and metabolism it’s important to incorporate complex carbs in your meal prep.

Simple Carb: Fast Digestion

Refined sugars, or most commonly known as simple carbs are “empty calories” because they contain zero to very little nutritional value. The body absorbs these fairly easily which raise blood sugar levels. This in turn, causes an insulin spike. Insulin spiking is not only bad for your health, it will lead to a dramatic decrease in blood sugar. When your blood level is very low, you will get hungry once again. So, if you supplement that hunger with simple carbs, the cycle will repeat once more. This is a never ending cycle which will cause not only your health to deteriorate, but also cause you to overeat as your body will not feel full.