If you have read our previous blogs you have seen some of our tips on what to eat, when, and the portion. These are very important, and each one can cause your entire meal prep to be thrown off, but theres one last huge factor aswell. This remaining factor is cooking. Cooking isn’t very looked into when meal prepping both by San Diego meal prep companies or even yourself but it’s essential.


Cooking methods

There are various ways of cooking your meal prep which include blanching, baking, frying, grilling, among others. Although they all work, different methods bring different advantages as well as advantages. While one is best for one person, you might prefer something different. All of these cooking methods are used my San Diego meal prep companies for different reasons.



This method is one very popular among San Diego meal prep companies. Blanching is a cooking process often used for vegetables in meal prep companies. The way it works, the vegetable is placed in boiling water and removed after a short time. After being taken out, it’s is plunged into iced water to stop the vegetable from continuing to cook. This method is ideal when you are going to eat the vegetable immediately. The downside to blanching, vegetable can become mushy and not be the freshest. That being said, it’s not the preferred way of most meal prep companies San Diego.



Baking is a very common practice. This method is used my meal prep companies San Diego very often for proteins. Very little to no oil is needed and if done correctly, prevents the protein from drying out and getting to a perfect finish. This method of cooking is perfect for experimenting with herbs and spices. Dry rubs, go hand and hand with baking.



Frying is usually avoided by not only meal prep companies San Diego but by most people when meal prepping, the reason for this is oil. Although you can definitely use the healthier options of oil like olive, canola, avocado, sesame, among many others, it’s best to avoid it. If you can cook something in a different way such as baking, you should avoid it.



Grilling is also very common when meal prepping. Not only does it remove the need for oil, it also allows for any red meats or even poultry to be able to drain of oil. Grilling can be done at home, unlike commonly mistaken for only being able to be done outdoors.This can be a perfect alternative for things such as baking to give that variety in your meals if you are using a lot of chicken.

All in all, while methods change from meal prep companies, you should always keep a look out and be informed!

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