Hello, Meal Prep Sunday San Diego Family

Our commitment is to keep you healthy, safe and fed during this time of crisis. As well as help our community to find a viable solution to fight COVID-19.

In order to keep you informed of the proactive steps that our operational team planned, and that will help us guarantee the safety of our clients. We broke down our food preparation process in 5 steps:

Step 1 – Supplier

Our supplier, US Foods and many other reputable suppliers in the San Diego area are all well known and renowned for their quality and processes. They are continuously reinforcing the CDC and WHO Illness Prevention Guidelines amongst the company as well as following through with all the safety handling protocol that are usual in the food industry. 

Step 2 – How we guarantee the safety of the product by storing the ingredients

As soon as the supplies arrive to our facilities, we properly wash and sanitize the products before storing them in our sterilized commercial sized walk-in fridge, in adequate temperature to avoid the growth of any bacteria and virus. 

Step 3 – The process

Sleeves to avoid contact with the food.

a) Just like any other food establishment, our business is target of periodic examination from Health Department. Which ensures the safety of our facility and meals that are sent to you every Sunday. The cautions that we are now, as a society taking, are the same ones that are inherent to the food industry. Which is sanitizing and washing hands, using gloves, sleeves and masks. We have increase our care for those practices due to the COVID-19.

b) To avoid cross-contamination, we have already been following the practice of washing followed by sanitizing our equipment every two hours or immediately after use, whichever comes first. As well as handling the food with gloves, masks and sleeves so there is no contact between the product and the human skin. 

c) In case of any diseases or any symptoms, our team is already instructed to stay home under any circumstances. Now, with COVID-19, we are reinforcing that practice and we will not allow anyone with the symptoms in our facilities. Currently we don’t have any employees with any of the symptoms of COVID-19 nor with contact with those who have, and if at some point we do, the employee will be asked to stay home and their sick time off will be paid.

Step 4 – How we ensure the safety during the packaging process

Our packaging and bagging process temperature safe, and both processes happen inside our walk-in fridge to ensure the safety of the meals we are sending out your way. This temperature controlled fridge allows us to house our staff in a cold environment while packaging your meals with gloves as we always have conducted.

Step 5 – Delivery Process

Delivery drivers loading orders

Since the COVID-19 news broke, we adopted another step to our delivery in which our drivers will deliver the meals wearing masks and gloves as well, to avoid any contamination.  

Meal Prepping is a solution to several difficulties on daily basis, including to avoid any agglomerations and contact with other people, as well as boosting your immune system by consuming proper portioned, healthy meals. We will be more than happy to assist you and your loved ones through this difficult period of time that, hopefully, will go away very soon. Please share our solution with your friends and family so we can help to stop spreading the virus. 

With love and respect,

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego