What is Deficit?

Our San Diego meal prep service believes understanding deficit is the first step in your weight loss/shredding journey . Being in a caloric deficit is what makes shedding fat possible. Shifting your eating and workout habits to approach this deficit is key for it to give you a maximum effect. This process causes the body to obtain energy from fat stored around the body ultimately promoting weight loss. So how do you find the perfect deficit to be in?



Calculating how many calories you should consume on a day to day basis can seem like a huge task. But, online calculators have made this easy. The formula used to determine the calories you should be consuming on a day to day basis will include your age, weight, gender, among other things. A great example of this is https://www.precisionnutrition.com/weight-loss-calculator . This online calculator allows for you to easily enter your personal values and get your suggeted caloric intake.


What our San Diego meal prep service recommends

Using an online calculator is fast and easy, but you can also do it manually. A good percentage to go by would be 10-20%. This is a healthy level to stay in because you are able to burn fat by using your stored fat, but not going too low. Being on an extremely low deficit can actually slow down or completely halt your fat burning process. The reason for this is metabolism. We have often touched on this topic and can read a little more on it here. When you take your body through too low of a deficit, your metabolism will crash. As mentioned in some of our previous blogs, till will in turn affect you negatively. Metabolism is what determines the rate your body burns calories/fat. Keeping your metabolism high is key to losing weigh/shredding. This will keep your results for long term rather than a fast result with negative long term effects.

Managing Macros

Being in the right deficit range is important but you also need to manage your macros correctly. Having your caloric intake from the right sources is important.

Our San Diego meal prep service sources your meal preps to boost your metabolism but it’s important to be able to do so yourself as well. Sourcing can go from your carbohydrate to your protein, to anything in between. These two combined will help you not only drop weight, but do it permanently. Having a perm result is more rewarding than having a short term result and suffering the consequences.

Extra Fat Burning Boosters

Maintaining your diet in a healthy deficit range and correctly managing your macros is great but there is more. Some extra things you can do to speed up this process include fasted cardio and weight training. Check them out and be on the perfect track on your fitness journey!