You need to do fasted cardio to burn fat. While many people in the fitness industry believe that its the only way to burn fat it’s not really like that. That being said, our San Diego meal prep company wants to ensure you are properly informed about the benefits of fasted cardio.


You need cardio whether that be fasted or regular in order to burn fat. But, you also need to watch your diet. For optimal results, or any results at all you need to be in deficit of calories. Our experts behind our meals at our San Diego meal prep company know the importance of this. Being able to manipulate
your macros you can assure you are burning more than you eat. No matter what, if you are doing cardio and are in that deficit you will burn fat.

Fasted cardio

Doing fasted cardio is the act of doing a cardiovascular activity in the morning on an empty stomach. This allows for your body to maximize fat burning as its using your body’s stored fat as energy. Not only that, getting to an advanced level of being able to perform HIIT type workouts will lead to a higher metabolism rate.

Regular cardio

If you are unable to do your cardiovascular training in the morning, doing it in the evening or night, is also great. But, if you have trouble sleeping, it might not be the best idea to do this. Doing cardio in the evening can cause you scare away your sleep. On the other hand, if you can easily sleep, this would be ideal.

Why does our San Diego meal prep company care?

In conclusion, although we believe fasted cardio is better than regular cardio, doing either is vital for weight loss. Cardio in addition to keeping that calorie deficit is your bread and butter for weight loss. Our San Diego meal prep company is determined to be able to inform on not only the nutrition but the fitness side of things. We hope we can make your fitness journey a little easier and encourage to stay informed about your body needs!