Fat is essential for proper nutrition. No matter your perception of it, it’s a key component in our diet and we cannot live without it. Fat is an essential component in your meal prep. Too much fat has been proven to cause serious health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, and even high cholesterol levels. All of these can increase your risk of heart disease. Although less common, a lack of fat can negatively affect your body. Too little of it, and it can cause your body a vitamin deficiency, anemia, bone loss, low energy levels among various others. Not only is it important to get the right amount, but also the right type. All of this aside, it’s a key component in your diet as mentioned above. This is the first blog we have about fat so we will go more in depth about right portions, sources, and everything else in upcoming blogs.

Fat is good?

Fat is often given a bad reputation and is linked to weight gain. But, is it really bad? Fat helps vitamins such as A, D, E, & K to be absorbed by the body. Each of these vitamins has it’s own purpose in the body. For example, vitamin A helps teeth and bone grow. Vitamin D helps body absorb calcium for your bones, vitamin E stores red blood cells. Finally, vitamin K helps blood from not clotting. Your brain is actually made up of 60% of fat! It not only makes up most of the brain, it affects how you learn, your hormones, and even your memory! Aside from that, it cushions your organs ito prevent them from becoming injured. Lastly, it mantains your body temperature which helps protect your nerves. This are the basic functions of fat in the body but there are many more!

Keeping this in mind , you should focus on correctly implementing not only right sources, but also right portions of into your meal prep. Meal prepping correctly will prevent you from undereating, or overeating, as well as ensuring your body is working to the best of it’s ability. Fat performs tons of things essential to the body. Instead of depriving your body of it, you should carefully implement it into your diet. Meal prepping is easy when you are informed!A~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~