What is fat?

Fat can be seen as something negative. Although it is not ideal to eat too much, including it in your diet or meal plan is very important. As stated in other blogs, fat is essential. Fat is needed to perform certain bodily functions, but in previous blogs we didn’t go too in-depth about the correct portion. Portion control is just as important whether you are consuming saturated, unsaturated, or trans fat. If you are unsure of the differences in fats, I will link below the blog that we talk about the different sources of fat. This blog goes more in depth about what types of fat are better to consume, which are best to avoid, and how you should balance fat portion as well.


Fat Portion

As you’ve probably heard before, too much of anything is bad for you. Consuming large portions of the “good” fat, otherwise known as unsaturated is not ideal. Correctly implementing fat portion in your meal plan will make a huge difference! So the first step is finding out how much fat portion to include in your plan. Whether you are trying to loose weight, build muscle, or even mantain you should consume .4 or .5 grams of fat per pound of your body. An example being, someone weighing in at 110lbs should eat an estimate of 44-55grams of fat per day. Keep in mind, that while that seems a lot, fat in many processed foods can easily exceed this range making it extremely difficult to stay at the correct level.

Times to Eat

So, now you know how many grams of fat to include in your meal prep plan but how should you include it in? Fat portion is very important to strategically place it. Daily amount matters, but it’s always best if you can incorporate it a certain way as well. Portioning your meals to be high in fat for breakfast and lunch allow the body to use it as a main source of energy. This in turn, ends up being the most beneficial. Even including fat in your snacks is better than consuming them too late at night.


Knowing how to include fat and use it to your advantage can be very helpful. Stay up to date on upcoming fat posts and things of that sort by following us on Instagram. There, we post on meal plans, workout routines, and just keep you informed! Thank you for stopping by!