A healthy and convenient meal is not as common as we would hope. If its a healthy meal then you likely are the one that shopped for all the food, cooked it and if you you still had some patience left , portioned it. Or at least tried your best to accurately hit the right amount of fats, carbs and proteins that you need. Nothing about that process says convenient, so let’s take a look at convenient meals. We have McDonalds, Chic-fil-a, In n Out or if your trying your best to stay healthy then maybe chipotle. Even at your best attempt waiting in line at chipotle, you won’t know if your getting the right amount of portions, where the ingredients are from and on top of that your pockets are taking a hit for just one meal. the average American will spend $12.50 on one take out meal, using our services will provide you with healthy convenient meals that you’ll love!  

Convenient & Healthy Meals
Organic produce, easy convenience.

This in mind we set our sights on creating a solution to this everlasting problem.

I mean really, should it be this hard to find a healthy, organic, portioned and easy to eat meal?

Well up until we were around it was. Meal Prep Sunday San Diego has not only hit all the areas that people needed but we went above and beyond. Priding ourselves on the clean, healthy & convenient aspects that our current and future clientele would benefit from. 

Healthy Organic Produce

Our produce is fully organic and locally sourced! We have a great network of suppliers that know exactly what we’re about. They help tremendously when it comes to the healthy organic produce we use. This is one prime example of us going above and beyond. We could have gone the regular route for produce but this route would ethically match who we are and what we believe in. 

Grass Fed Beef, Free Range Chicken, Wild Caught Seafood

Organic produce would not be enough for what we were on a mission to do. When we think Healthy, we couldn’t be satisfied with just throwing together whatever poultry we could find. Again, it’s the ethical standard we hold. Having grass fed beef, free range chicken and wild caught seafood felt right when paired with our organic produce and meant that we were going above and beyond to solidify a healthy meal! 

Free Convenient Delivery

With healthy checked off our list we set our eyes on convenience. Meal Prep Sunday San Diego has made easy to have healthy and convenient meals. To help the convenience factor we offer free delivery. No need to leave your home or break routine. We do reoccurring payments so you wont need to manually sign up every week. Weekly meals will be delivered to your home every Sunday. This allows your meals to stay completely fresh for up to 7 days, no more soggy and played out meals. Just fresh and delicious meals designed for your health and tailored for your convenience.