How do I heat up my meal prep?

To heat up your meal prep, you should follow these simple steps:
1. Remove the plastic cover completely
2. Remove plastic containers
3. Spread sauce over meal or set aside (depends on sauce type/preference)
4. Cook for 3-5 minutes (details below on how to determine this number)

This video below will give an overview on the correct way to heat up your meals but, you can read below for a more specific explanation as-well.



For chicken, we typically use chicken breast whether it’s whole or cut up you should feel the chicken before cooking. If you want tender chicken before heating press down on the chicken and see how tender the chicken is already. This ensures you wont’t overheat it. To ensure you don’t overheat, heat closer to the 3 minute mark. If you like your chicken on the rougher side, you can cook closer to the 5 minute mark. Again, it all comes down to preference.


Beef can come in full pieces of steaks, cut up, or even ground up. Different cuts of steak will vary how they are cooked so first cut a piece and see how far it is cooked. Usually, it will vary from medium to medium-rare but can vary at times. 3-5 minutes is ideal but make sure you take this extra step as beef can get chewy/tough to chew if overcooked. As for ground beef, if you leave for the minimum time (3 minutes) that will be perfect.


Turkey comes whole, cut up, or ground. For whole or cut, overcooking is the main concern. Turkey is very prone to overcooking fairly easy especially since our meal prep service typically uses turkey breast. The breast can become dry easily as i’s very similar to chicken breast which has the same problem. For ground turkey, heating 3 minutes is perfectly fine, if the meatballs are too big, a little longer is completely fine.


For sauces, it can be a little tricky. We recommend you do a taste test before heating up your meal. This way, you can determine what it is. If for example if is ranch, you may want to keep it at room temperature. If it’s a sauce like say pesto, you can either spread it all over the meal before cooking or apply it in the last 30 seconds of cooking. You can also insert the cup without the lid for a few seconds, approximately 30 with the meal to heat it up. This way, your sauce doesn’t evaporate in the microwave. This method also works if you like dipping your food in the sauce.

Your Preferred San Diego meal prep service Thanks YOU!

We are very grateful to be able to serve you! We put tons and tons of hours to be able to provide the most nutritious, best tasting meals and hope we are able to meet and even exceed your expectations. It would mean the world for us if you took a few minutes to pay close attention to how you heat your meal prep. This ensures you are getting the best taste possible, as its one of our San Diego meal prep services main priorities right next to correctly portioning and sourcing your meal prep. Enjoy your meals!