For the past 5 years Meal Prep Sunday San Diego has served over hundreds and thousands of meals to our wonderful San Diegans. Providing A high quality product on a routine basis has led us to upholding a standard second to none. The practices and methods of production at Meal Prep Sunday San Diego have evolved over the years to accommodate a growing and thriving community, A standard we have set not only for ourselves but the loyal clients we serve week in and week out. From our headquarters location down to our staff, everyone and everything has its role in taking Meal Prep Sunday San Diego from good to great. 

Our Facility

Our facility is located in Vista California where we reside next to the many amazing businesses that fill up the area. Just a 10 minute drive from the beautiful sandy beaches of Carlsbad and a 30 minute drive to downtown, this location is a prime spot for us to embrace the culture of San Diego as well as deliver the meals in a timely fashion. Our facility is not only in a prime location but also built with to tier equipment to ensure a quality product and production.

Industrial sized walk in fridge

Part of this plethora of equipment is our industrial sized walk in fridge that allows us to properly portion, store and package all of our orders. Our production is centered around creating a product that will remain fresh for 7 days. A big part of how we manage to do this is based on our storing of ingredients when they arrive from our credible suppliers such as US Foods, when they get cooked and when they get packaged. The industrial sized fridge allows us to store mass amounts of product as well as house our staff who spend most of their Sundays in the fridge packaging the meals into thermal bags with ice packs for the delivery drivers. While most meal prep services handle their meals in a non temperature controlled environment, we knew that would be a factor for us to not only separate from the competition but also take our meals to the next level.

Now, this isn’t the only fridge we have at our headquarters. We have 2 more smaller fridges that we use to rapidly cool our food once it’sC cooked. This serves a few different purposes. One, it helps the ingredients stay fresh after the cooking has been done and awaits packaging into trays. Two, it helps avoid danger zones of our proteins that require us to bring the temperature from an average of 155 degree Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in 90 minutes. Now that’s just an example of temperatures as each meat we use has a different set of rules to heating and cooling. Our meat is completely in a temperature controlled environment from start to finish. These are very common practices that are used in the food industry so we made it a reflex in our kitchen to abide by these principles.

Temperature controlling fridge

Next is our industrial sized oven that is used to properly cook a range of ingredients ranging from sweet potatoes to our 3 layer cheesecake. This oven is a reliable and consistent way for us to bring our protein meats to the proper internal temperature that is recommended by the FDA. The oven has a specific rack that we load the food onto, this rack is then inserted and locked in place with the oven that then rotates the rack to ensure an even cooking process. This alleviates the possibility of having hot or cold spots that most conventional ovens have. A modern screen display is on the outside of the oven to show us the exact temperature inside the oven. While this is a big step in safely cooking our food to the appropriate temperatures, we took it a step further. We place a total of three probes into the meat that then sends live feedback of the internal temperature of the meat to a device outside the oven. Allowing our staff to keep a close eye on the cooking process in real time.

The cooking and cooling process is just one way we maintain a strong discipline in the safety of our product. We also have a wide array of cutting boards that we color coordinate for different purposes. For example, we have cutting boards designated specifically for vegetables that are separate from the ones we use to cut poultry. Even more in depth, we have cutting boards for cooked meat and raw meat. We also sanitize each workstation after every task or every 2 hours, whichever comes first. Combined with a deep cleaning every Monday this keeps our kitchen in tip top shape. Earning us a state inspected and approved A rating for our kitchen. It just goes to show how detailed we are in everything we do. 

Designated cutting boards

All this said, what good is it to have great cooking methods if you don’t properly package and seal the meals. Our sealing machine uses a process called MAP or Modified Atmosphere Packaging. This machine allows us to remove the oxygen and vacuum seal each meal with a natural and safe method that ensures the meals are sealed and fresh for 7 days.

Last and most important to us is our staff break room. We have a designated area for our production and office employees to chill out during break or lunch. It’s important for us to have a location away from the kitchen so that the employees can hang out and enjoy their lunch before returning work.    

Our Team

Our team consists of individuals dedicated to providing a great product on a weekly basis. All of our kitchen staff is food handling certified and well trained in kitchen safety. The dynamic of our kitchen staff is heavily reliant on the accountability we have created. As we said, we have a standard and that standard is kept through every task and day by our production team. Having a strong understanding of the excellence we need to achieve for our loyal clients is routinely instilled in our team meetings. These brief meetings we have are a run down of the good things we’ve done and the things we need to improve on.

Food certificates

Leading the pack of our production team is our executive chef John Zidarevich. Having over 15 years of experience in the kitchen, John has consistently proven to be a strong factor in upholding proper practices and lead production in a way that makes us more efficient and in turn delivers a greater product to you.

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego has made being our client a club member experience. What i mean by that is that we offer very convenient and effective features for our clientele that further makes their life easier. Benefits of subscribing to our fully prepared meals range from tasteful packaging like our thermal bags and cooling packs to ensure a safe transportation all the way to our recommendation discounts. Let’s get into the features for a bit.

Convenience often comes with expense. We felt that free delivery should just be automatic in our service which is why we send your meals to your doorstep completely free every Sunday. Our drivers are trained in keeping constant communication with our clients. They will notify you when they’re on the way, close by and of course when the meals are delivered. Our delivery is completely contact free and easy! Paired with our subscription is the potential to get discounts in a multitude of ways. We have 1st order discounts, recommend friend discounts and seasonal discounts as well.

Features we have correlated directly with our service are in place to keep you on track and happy with the byproduct of our meal, your goals. We offer a free algorithm on our website that calculates the amount of macros and calories that you need. These numbers are not only adjusted to your daily activity but also to your goals. We want to get you from point A to point B in a safe, timely and delicious fashion. Accompanied by this algorithm is a weekly rotating menu that helps to keep you from getting bored with your meals. We develop a new menu every week with different styles and cooking methods. We believe that the stereotype of healthy eating being a boring process is a thing of the past. We believe in a delicious fitness journey or if you’re just looking for a health alternative in your busy life, our meals are designed to adjust and integrate into your life effortlessly. Having a new menu every week we understand that not every meal will sit well with every client, we all have different taste buds right? So we made customizable meals a feature. If there’s a meal you don’t like you can simply contact our customer service staff to substitute that meal for others on the menu.  

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego has created a new way for meal prep services to conduct business. We looked at the standard and pushed for more because we need more for our clients. We offer features that others don’t and provide a customer experience that will have you talking about us at every lunch break. From our staff to you, we thank you for the loyalty!!!