Weight is regulated by brain in an area called the hypothalamus. This controls not only the amount you eat, but at what time of the day as well. More protein intake increases both, the hormone that reduces appetite while at the same time reducing levels of cholecystokinin which is a hunger producing hormone. This directly leads to eating fewer calories because of lack of hunger. When you start a meal prep program, you should use this to your advantage.

What Hormone?


In order for carbohydrates, fat, and protein to be metabolized, your body needs insulin. Insulin is a hormone which allows the cells in your body use sugar for energy. But, sugar can’t go directly into most cells in your body. Insulin acts as a “key” which unlocks the cell to allow sugar to enter and be used as energy. Insulin is released into your bloodstream when you eat, and attached itself to sugar. This allows or cells to easily target and absorb sugar from the bloodstream. Ultimately, insulin helps balance blood sugar levels and keeps them in a normal range.

This can provide your body with an advantage. Seeing as the liver can convert protein to glucose in a process called gluconeogenesis. This process is fairly slow and not the most efficient but you will avoid high blood sugar spikes you might see from ingesting too many carbohydrates. That being said, not all types of proteins affect insulin in the same manner but protein can positively impact your insulin levels and what they do to your body.


Testosterone, known as the main male sex hormone is affected by protein. It’s present in both genders and produces in testicles for men, and ovaries in women. It has a big effect on the behavior and your body composition. Boosting ones testerone especually in men is very common as it begins to decline after 30. When deciding on a meal prepping service, you needbto make sure the things such as free range whole eggs, minimal soy, etc. is part of their meals. These small factors affect the body deals with certain hormones such as testosterone. All in all, meal prepping allows for easy tracking of your protein intake and will improve the way your body performs in relation to not only hormones, but in many different aspects!