Immune support is as important now as ever. Having the Covid-19 pandemic still lingering around and flu season coming up. It is imperative that we give our bodies the best chance to fight off any diseases or illnesses. We’ve had great feedback from our clients as to why they think our service is helpful during this time. leading us to provide further information as to what we do and how we do it. Here are some ways we help mitigate the risk of contagion and illness.

We Help Avoid High Foottrafficed Areas

Grocery stores are one of the most foot trafficked areas. Utilizing our service means you don’t need to shop, cook, or clean. We deliver for free every Sunday straight to your doorstep. Our delivery process has adjusted to covid, making it mandatory for our drivers to wear masks and gloves during delivery. More about our covid protocols here. Our drivers will then send a text notification once the meals are at your doorstep. Keeping our delivery process contactless and safe! While not having to go to grocery stores is a big step to keeping you at distance from others and away from potentially contaminated surfaces. We also have kitchen standards in sanitation that ensure your food is cooked and packaged as safe as possible.

These methods are standard in any well ran kitchen but are amplified when making thousands of meals per week such as our operation. Here are a few standards we uphold to keep your meals safe.

Fridge Storage

Once our ingredients are delivered from our local suppliers we store them directly into our industrial-sized fridge. This allows us to keep all ingredients out of what we call “the danger zone”. This is the zone in temperature where foods are prone to growing illness-causing bacteria. Storing the supplies in our fridge occurs before, during, and after cooking to ensure the safest set of meals for you. By utilizing the fridge to control the temperature of our foods we are essentially mitigating the possibility that bacteria can grow and thrive.

Proper Cooking Temperatures

Every ingredient has a temperature that it needs to be cooked to. Temperature checking in A household kitchen is often the most neglected part of the cooking process. We check every piece of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood to make sure they are at the appropriate internal temperature. To do so we use temperature probes that are inserted into various pieces we are cooking. These probes help us see the internal temperature of the protein in real-time. Additionally, we also use thermometers like the one depicted. While also using a temperature gauge on our oven that gives us a third temperature check for accuracy.

The consequences of not cooking your proteins to the proper cooking temperature can lead to illnesses that will put your immune system at great risk. We’re all about providing a great tasting product that serves a bigger purpose of keeping people healthy and safe. This responsibility is reminded to our staff daily!

On top of us taking the appropriate steps to cook and store the ingredients, we also select and craft our meals with ingredients we deem essential for boosting immune system function.

Immune Boosting Ingredients

We’re very selective about which ingredients we use and how we cook them. When it comes to boosting immune system health and integrity we will focus primarily on providing the best vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are primarily sourced from fruits and vegetables. Providing these elements in your diet is crucial to keeping the body functioning properly and effectively for combating illnesses. Take a deeper look at the types of ingredients and cooking methods we use to do so.

Ingredients & cooking methods

We use fully organic produce to craft our meals. Paired with cooking methods such as blanching, searing, and baking. Allowing us to bring out the best flavors as well as helping maintain the nutrients in the vegetables. Vegetables are great for providing essential minerals such as iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. Most of which aid in immune support. While fruits are great for vitamins such as potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and Folate. Which is important in red blood cell formation and for healthy cell growth and function. 

We will use vegetables in every meal to provide a consistent source of minerals to your body. As well as providing fruits in most breakfast meals to supply you with vitamins for your day. Eating a consistently healthy diet with nutrient-dense ingredients is crucial for giving our immune system the support it needs. The more prepared we keep ourselves the higher chance we have of fighting off illnesses.

Using cooking methods such as searing, baking, and blanching the vegetables is a great way to hold onto as much nutritional value as possible. Other cooking methods can often drain the very nutrients that your vegetables hold. It is a priority for us to use methods that help to preserve those values.

Overall Health

Our service provides A consistent delivery of healthy meals. Paired with a new menu every week it’s a safe bet to get and keep you on track with your nutrition. The longer you’re able to stay on a healthy track, the less vulnerable you become to potential illnesses. We provide this with our free contactless delivery. Giving people a safer and easier way to keep up with a healthy living.