Achieving your fitness goal is heavily reliant on your nutrition as much as it is on your training. Meal Prep Sunday San Diego is here to show you how we take your results from a hassle and labor intensive process to an easy, convenient and tasty journey. Eating a well-balanced diet can help you get the calories and nutrients you need to fuel your daily activities, including regular exercise. When it comes to eating foods to fuel your exercise performance, it’s not as simple as choosing vegetables over doughnuts. You need to eat the right types of food at the right times of the day.

We Calculate Your Daily Macros.

On our website you will input your physical information and fitness goal into our advanced algorithm. This algorithm will then calculate the exact amount of fat, carbs and proteins that you specifically need. This process allows us to see what each individual needs in order to get to their goal. Thus creating a cohesive bond between portioning and progress.

Leading us into our next point, the portioning and selection of ingredients. Selecting the proper fats, carbs and proteins is crucial to giving your body the right energy sources it needs to get through the day. While also manipulating your metabolism to do what we need it to do. In order to properly get your nutrition on track we also portion each meal to meet your exact macro requirements on a daily bases.

We Use The Right Style Cooking Methods.

Using the right style cooking methods for our meals plays a big role in taste as well as preserving the healthy content in ingredients. Seared, grilled, baking, blanching and boiling are common practices in our kitchen. The idea of taking a healthy ingredient and cooking it with an unhealthy method is counter intuitive. On top of maintaining its healthy components it helps to lock in an amazing taste all week long.

The blanching process for vegetables helps to keep them fresher for longer periods of time. While also making sure we are not adding factors like oil or unwanted fats. Same goes with the grilling, baking and searing for proteins. It is a reliable way to make sure the right ingredients are cooked in the right way. As much as the cooking methods we choose are for maintaining the healthy nature of the ingredients. It also aids in preserving the great taste you get with every bite.

Advanced Packaging Technology.

Modified atmosphere packaging or MAP as we call it, is a state of the art form of sealing our meals. It vacuum seals and flushes out the oxygen in the meal to create an atmosphere inside that slows the aging process of the food. Giving you a fresh off the grill taste seven days a week.

How does this correlate to your fitness results?

Simple. It gives you a great tasting healthy meal for a longer period of time. The longer you can stay on track with your nutrition the more success you will have in achieving your fitness goal.

FREE 90 Day Synced Workout Plan.

Every subscription comes with A FREE 90 days synced workout plan. This workout plan allows for your meals to be synced directly with your workouts. Thus creating a synchronization with your calorie burning and calorie consumption. Giving you a more accurate look at what your body needs in order to maintain a steady and healthy fitness journey. Fueling your daily workouts is vital to the maintaining a regimen. That is what we aimed to do with the workout plan. Create a sustainable regimen of both training and eating.

Wether you’r trying to build muscle, lose weight, or just maintain a healthy overall balance. We adjust both your meals and workout plan to help you get where you want to go. Meal Prep Sunday San Diego offers a nutritionist based program designed to make your fitness journey easyier and more convenient.


Overall there is no more guess work when you partner with Meal Prep Sunday San Diego. The results we provide are scientifically proven and adjusted for each individual. While also providing you with a sustainable eating regimen that will keep you on track Longer. Part of what makes Meal Prep Sunday San Diego so special is the genuine want for our clients to achieve their goals. We’re here to help you, one meal at a time.