Macronutrients: a staple in the basic human diet. Cant live without them but if you are a person with fitness goals, you know there needs to be control on how many macronutrients you need to consume, especially if you are meal prepping. But first off, lets think about what macronutrients are. There are 3 basic macronutrients; proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. Taking a look at the background of each macronutrient will help answer the question of how much we are supposed to consume of each when it comes to meal prep for fitness oriented people .



Protein is a macronutrient that you need a substantial amount of for you meal prepping. Chicken, fish, eggs, meat; these are all protein sources that you can include in your weekly menu. 0.5 – 0.7 grams of protein per pound of body is what is needed for an average person. Protein helps build muscle so if you are fitness oriented and interested in building muscle, protein is something you should intake more when meal prepping. Adding more protein to your meal prepping for earlier during the day is highly recommended. While protein helps with building muscle this causes your body to create muscle mass which in turn increases your metabolism rate, which then helps you burn more calories.

But beware! Protein still give you calories, so eating too much of it will definelty make you gain weight you might not want. The best time to eat protein is earlier in the day rather than later at night.

Need more help on choosing which proteins to include into your meal prep? Check this post out!

Macronutrients in meal prepping
Macronutrients and meal prep



Carbohydrates are the second micronutrient that I want to touch on. There are carbohydrates that come in many different forms. Some of these include brown rice, oatmeal, fruit and fibrous vegetables, like broccoli. 100-150 grams per day is a good amount of carbohydrates to intake for an average healthy person. The key to eating carbohydrates and maintaining a figure or working to achieve one is to be careful how many carbs you eat and what times you eat them. Avoid all carbohydrates during late afternoons. Why? Because as these calories will be stored in the body as fat. This also means that your metabolism will slow down creating a cycle of, slow metabolism and no fat burning.



Fat is essentially where energy is stored. Not the main source unfortunately, meaning this is what causes obesity. After working out for roughly 20 minutes, when all carbohydrates have been depleted, the body targets these fat storages. Fat is also essentially bad overall but consuming unsaturated fats is better than consuming saturated fats. Choose foods with less fat as possible! This is your best bet when it comes to weight loss meal prepping! If you do happen to eat food with larger amounts of fat in them, dont be ashamed! Calorie counting comes in handy for these things and you can always just run an extra 10 minutes to burn them off!


Therefore, in conclusion, when it comes to meal prepping (in this case, especially for weight loss) but is better to eat heavier earlier in the day, with meals full of protein and fats (in considerable amounts) and carbs. During the night is is way better to eat less of these as much as you can so while you sleep your body does not simply just store them in your body as fat. This would ultimately risk all your efforts when it comes to your fitness goals.

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