Why us?

You may have heard of various meal prep companies in San Diego, but how do you decide on one? Are all San Diego meal prep services the same? What makes us different? All of these are very common questions which can help you chose a service you love and trust. Your health depends on a lot of things but nutrition is one of the most important ones. That being said, choosing among San Diego meal prep companies is a huge deal!

What differentiates us from other meal prep companies?

We believe various things make us unique between San Diego meal prep services but some of the things that make us stand out the most are our macro-nutrient meal plans, vacuum sealed meals, and chef inspired meals. These three things are the main ones we believe make us who we are.


Macro-nutrients are a fancy term for the main building blocks of your body which are protein, carbohydrates, and fat. A online questionnaire will collect data personal for you as well as fitness goals and calculate the daily consumptions of each of these. Counting macros is essential when trying to correctly portion your meals. Although many San Diego meal prep services provide macros, they don’t personalize for you. Simple slapping on a macro count on a meal doesn’t make a meal healthy. Different sources of where you obtain your macro help different fitness goals. This is very important to keep in mind, one size fits all doesn’t apply to nutrition.

Vacuum Sealed Meals

Our packaging system is very unique compared to other San Diego meal prep companies. We use a system called a gas flush vacuum system. This method naturally halts the food aging process. How it works is that it replaces the oxygen in the contain with mix of gasses including nitrogen. Oxygen being down to 3%, bacteria who need oxygen to growth don’t prosper as well. This increases longevity for your meal prep so you are receiving fresher, tastier meals, while taking advantage of more nutrients! So why isn’t it more popular among San Diego meal prep companies? It’s not very popular due to the cost and extra time needed for this. Although it is very expensive, and makes the process a little longer, the results of this method are very worth it.

Chef-Inspired Meals

Meal prepping can get boring very quick. Who wants a bland chicken breast, rice, and asparagus every day? For this reason, on top of changing the menu everY week we take multiple extra steps to ensure you are getting the best possible meals. We have an executive chef with 30+ years of culinary experience in fine dining which allows us to bring to you the exceptional taste of a restaurant while maintaining the nutritional aspect. Absolutely rich flavors and unique blend of herbs and seasonings help you reach your fitness goals while indulging in delicious food. Recipes are often altered to change the composition of food and bring you even more unique array of dishes!
All in all, San Diego meal prep companies are very similar in certain aspects but not in all. While most are these to remove the hassle of cooking, cleaning, and shopping, that’s not the whole point of meal prepping. Meal prepping should be more of getting correct nutrition than convinience in our perspective. Sure we love to make someone’s life that much easier by having prepared meals, but it’s a lot more important for us that you receive the right nutrition aswell. Being able to do this while enjoying delicious food is our main priority which is why we consider ourselves very unique. While it is up to you the consumer to choose your preferred San Diego meal prep company, we highly suggest looking into your nutrition.