Meal prep Sunday delivery bag with meals
Meal Prep Sunday San Diego

In the following steps I’ve listed out for you I will simplify and explain why and how our services here at Meal Prep Sunday San Diego can help make your life easier. Of course, there are a lot of ways our business can help make your days and lifestyle simpler but I have broken it down to three ways just to emphasize the main points on our meal prep delivery service as an ever-growing company.

We have been through several changes as we continue to progress with our brand and now we have perfected the way we are able to deliver to our customers all over our local area. Here are the three major ways we have can help you by making the delivery process so much easier!

1 ) Meal Prep Delivery Saves You Time

How many hours do you spend planning out the trip to the grocery store, writing down what you need, driving there, filling up your cart with products and ingredients and instruments needed for your kitchen, and then driving back to put everything where they belong . . . only to realize that you forgot an important ingredient back at the market? Let’s say you actually did get everything you need for three meals a day for the next couple weeks. You’re still not finished! Now you have to make a large quantity of it for your family or roommates. Serve it. Make a presentation for everyone and yourself all while balancing your 9-to-5, school, social life, etc.

What if we could help take that timeframe you just covered preparing your work in the kitchen over a hot stove and just delivered it to you, ready to eat? The ingredients are bought, the meals are made, the presentation is executed, and it’s all packed so securely into each tray for you that all you need to do is open it up and heat it up to your liking. Our meal prep services are delivered to you with no effort or stress on your end and now you have your groceries taken care of without spending another minute outside of your home.

2 ) Our Meal Prep Service Crafts Great-Tasting Meals with Health in Mind

Our fresh, fully-prepared meals

When you make something yourself you are never sure if an unorthodox ingredient will make or ruin your food. When you go to a restaurant you’ve never been to before you risk an eating experience trusting the chef has quality ingredients and the right education to make you what you paid for.

Our meal prep service uses organic ingredients with grass-fed beef and never-frozen food products from a local purveyor so your meals are healthy and quality, not store-bought or canned. We care about your experience and your health because our meal prep services are designed to make everything easy and ready. Each meal is vacuum-packed and a few minutes in the microwave or oven away from bringing your taste buds, brain sensors, and macro count the stimulation they deserve. We have perfected our meal prep services in terms of packaging a well-made meal and delivering it to you personally that you’ll be able to taste the fresh, organic ingredients as if they just came from the earth. If we have access to natural and healthy food alternatives, so should you!

To get more information on healthy recipes and other eating resources, check out The Doc’s Kitchen!

3 ) Easy Ordering, Easy Delivery

Ordering food from a local business has never been easier. You simply make a subscription with some vital information about you and your health and we will be able to help portion your meals to make sure you on the right track to balancing out your macro(nutrient)s for the week. Every week our menu changes but we still make sure you are getting what you need to keep your fitness in check and the quality of food the same.

You will have an understanding on when you’ll be getting your delivery because every Sunday morning you’ll receive a text from the driver telling you that you are just a couple hours away from a successful delivery. Our drivers make sure every customer’s MPS-branded bags are accounted for and in their care when they leave the kitchen for your location. In addition to customer service and the representatives on social media always being ready to assist you, Meal Prep Sunday San Diego will keep you updated on everything in regards to your meals and their delivery from the moment it’s made to the moment you answer the door to receive it.

There isn’t anything better than ordering a customized meal service from a local business and getting quality produce delivered rather than spending time you don’t have in the kitchen!

If you want to find out more ways we can save you time, click here!