Meal prep delivery drivers

Being a driver for our San Diego meal prep delivery services is more than just driving. You are the face of the company. Since we are completely online, you are the only person our clients interact directly. That being said, you should always keep in mind that you represent our meal prep delivery service San Diego.

Arrival Times

If you are early, be sure to wait in your car. Often times when you stand around we will rush to get the meals to you. This will cause us to make mistakes. On the other hand, please don’t be late. Being late throws off the entire schedule and affects everyone.

Setting up meals

When getting the meals, be sure to be careful. If meals start tilting the design of the meal will get messed up. We spend extra time trying to set the meals so they will look perfect. That being said, please be careful when receiving the meals as well as delivering the meals. As a San Diego meal prep delivery service there are multiple points in which the meals can become ruined. If for any reason the meals fall or tilt, the design will be ruined. When you get your sheet with your check, put the bags in your car from last delivery to first delivery. Start by putting the meal prep at the end of the list in the hardest place to reach. At the same time, you should place the first on the list at the easiest place to reach. When putting them in your car make sure they are completely stable. After each location, make sure they are still stable as removing bags can cause other ones to become unstable.

Arriving to your destination

When you get to the clients house, make sure you will go all the way up to their apartment. Don’t leave it with the security/front desk. We want you to leave it in front of their door and knock. After knocking, if they are home smile and hand them their meals. If they aren’t answering the door, call them up and wait for them to answer. When they are unable to pick up, go ahead and double check the drop off location. If you leaving them at their door, make sure you are leaving it in the shade as the meals are prone to go bad if left in the sunlight.

Client Questions

If you see an opportunity to deliver meals easier, let us know. If client calls or texts you asking something tell them that you are a delivery driver for the company but you will let them know the company and they will contact you directly. Make sure to make us aware via text of the problem and we will handle it.


As mentioned before, you are the face of our San Diego meal delivery service and it is important to us that you look presentable. Since we are a fitness company, our uniform attire is workout clothing. Please keep in mind that you should not only look presentable but look presentable as well.

Our San Diego meal prep service

All in all, you are the face of our San Diego based meal prep delivery service and should display our values. We appreciate your commitment to the company and thank you for all your help!!