Many people find themselves too busy to cook meals in order to sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With the chaotic stress that we already deal with at work or home, why should we add to the stress of eating properly? A meal prep service is made to help you and Meal Prep Sunday San Diego was created with the idea that getting your dream body should be easy. Founded by Abtin Naderi who immigrated to the United States to play basketball for San Diego State University, he realized that his goal was to help others with their diet and nutrition. Dieting is the biggest frustration a person goes through when trying to achieve their body’s goals. Work and home life can definitely get in the way of eating properly. This is why Meal Prep Sunday San Diego was made, to help you!

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego is a meal prep service that offers money saving and time saving fresh bought and cooked meals which are delivered right to your door-step. With our meal prep service we cater to the San Diego lifestyle and help you achieve your aesthetic and fitness goals.

How Meal Prep Sunday San Diego Creates the Best Meal Plan

Meal Prep Service: Meal Prep Sunday San Diego
Meal Prep Sunday San Diego salmon and asparagus dinner

Intensive research was done to create the best meal prep service. The type of meals that are calculated would best fit each individual’s lifestyle. Meal Prep Sunday San Diego uses a unique algorithm that helps figure out which plan would benefit our customer. This separates us from other meal prep services that simply create meals that don’t cater to a person’s individual needs. When visiting our website, you start by completing a questionnaire which calculates which macro nutrients you need. It tells you how many fats, protein, and carbohydrates you need to consume for your body. Based on this information our website will create your unique and personalized meal plan. You than place your order online, our expert chefs prepare your meals, it’s weighed and packed with care, than delivered fresh to you every Sunday! Each week we prepare a different menu so you have a variety to enjoy. There is a reason why we are San Diego’s best meal prep service company!

The Best Meal Prep Service in San Diego

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego prides itself in supplying our customers with the freshest meals made the same day as delivery in San Diego County compared to other meal prep services. We believe in helping you reach your individual goals and eliminating the process of preparing your meals in a day, all while saving you money. Meal Prep Sunday San Diego is the best at providing you with the greatest nutritious meal prep service in San Diego!

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