After a long day at work, an extreme gym session, or a day full of running around doing errands, exhausted is an understatement of how you’re feeling. You’re sore, tired, and most of all starving. You have one of two choices, hit the drive-thru on your way home, or get to cooking. Sure, there is technically a third choice but it requires for a lot of work beforehand. It’s very tedious and time consuming it kind of seems like a luxury. Besides, how do you even know what to eat or how much of it? Seems like it’s impossible to get a well balanced meal, taking into consideration none of us are nutritionists. It’s safe to assume that most of us relate portions to the food pyramid we were shown in our elementary days. But in reality, it goes way beyond a simple little diagram. Wouldn’t it be easier to have customized meals based on your specific needs, that are always changing and challenging your taste buds, that will be saving you money, and are delivered to the commodity of your home?

Saving Money While Eating Delicious Salmon From Local Meal Prep Service
Meal Prep Service Providing a Customized Meal Plan

Saving Time by Getting Customized Meals

There are many misconceptions on meal prep services about how hard, expensive, or boring it can be. But, what if I told you it can be as simple as answering a couple questions online? Our website unlike other meal prep services contains a perfected algorithm which calculates the macronutrients you need based on your gender, age, weight, activity level, and most importantly your end goal, whether that be to lose weight, tone, bulk etc. Using this program we are able to figure out how much fat, carbohydrates, and protein to include in each of your meals.

How choosing a Meal Prep Service Can Saving Money and Time
Local Meal Prep Service and How It Helps You Save Money

Keep things Interesting with a Meal Prep Service

We’ve all seen them, those fitness instagram models showing off their perfectly aligned meal prep service containers, all uniform in color and ingredients. But aside from the flawless aesthetic it provides to our Instagram feeds, who really wants to eat chicken and rice for the next 7 days? Truth is, sticking to a meal plan becomes so much more work when you’re on day 3 and chicken is the absolute last thing on your mind. Wouldn’t you rather be able to have a choice between salmon, bacon wrap chicken, or steak? Many meal prep services make healthy eating a drag instead of an opportunity to indulge in all the nutrient rich foods available, when really why should it be?

Saving money

Saving money is key. No matter how hard you seem to take care of it, it always seems to slip thru your fingers like water. You ever find yourself spending 20$ for a single meal? It’s ‘Just a Jackson’ no worries right? But what happens when you have to eat dinner and all that’s in your fridge is week old Chinese take out and a single hot pocket? Guess we better start dialing UberEats or head to our nearest fast food joint. There’s no doubt about it, eating out is expensive! Not only that, but more often than not, you aren’t getting your money’s worth. Even going the cooking route can get expensive. Living in America’s Finest City isn’t cheap to say the least. On average, a San Diegan spends about 150$ for a week’s worth of groceries. That being said, utilizing a meal prep service wouldn’t just be saving you money, but your precious time. No more endless trips to the grocery store, food waste, and best of all no cooking. That being said, the meals are delivered straight to your home. The best part, free shipping!

Think of all the things you can now spend your free time doing, that could mean an afternoon at the beach with the family instead of cooking dinner. Not only that, but imagine all the money you will be saving while getting rid of the hassle of cooking by simply ordering directly from the best meal prep service in San Diego.