Imagine a time when you were a just a baby and you started crying because you were scared of the dark. Who was there to comfort you?

Imagine a time when you were a little kid playing and running around and you fell and hurt your self. Who helped you when were hurt?

Imagine a time when you were a teenager and you had your first heart break. Who helped you feel better?

Now you are finally an adult and you are able to take care of yourself. You work a full time job and have a successful career and have an amazing family of your own.

You have gotten older through out the years but you know who else is getting older?

Your parents.

Your parents are now at that age where it is now their turn to be taken care of. But are you helping them?

Do you feel like you have been taking care of them just as much as they have taken care of you?

Their health maybe declining but there is a way you can help them.

Why caring about their health is important

As we get older that is the time we should really start to focus on our nutritional need. This also goes for our parents and grand parents. Our body does not work the same as it does in our youthful days but it is possible to slow that process down.

Our body’s metabolism starts to slow down naturally. Especially if we do not get a lot of exercise. And when your metabolism slows down, your body won’t have the ability to burn as many calories as you’d want. And to stay at a healthy weight level, you would have to eat less. So with that said, it is beneficial to eat as much healthy well balanced meals as possible.

Eating nutritional meals is a healthy option to keep your body at a proper weight level. This can help with also staying more healthy if you are not an active person.Your digestive system also changes. Your body will produce less fluids for your digestive system and these types of changes make it harder for your body to absorb important nutrition. With that said, as you and your parents begin to age, so does your appetite. Senior citizens take more medications for their health conditions which may cause the lack of hunger which can lead to poor nutritional intake.


As you may or may not know, seniors may feel depressed or lonely at time which is a huge impact to their emotional state and will often cause them to lose interest in eating.

This is why Meal Prep Sunday loves Serving Seniors healthy nutritional meals options. Our parents and grandparents where all there when nobody else was when we were younger and they took care of us.

How Does Meal Prep Sunday San Diego Serve Your Parents/Grandparents

We can show that we care about them and their physical and emotional well being. With Meal Prep Sunday Serving Seniors, we will stand by your side to show how much you really care about them. We will fully prepare delicious nutritious meals for your parents/grandparents every Sunday and an affordable cost. Our meals also come with instructions to show how they can heat their meals up and nutritional facts on each container. Each of our meals are also nitro flushed and vacuum seals to extend the shelf life, freshness, and the nutritional value of each meal for up to 7 days.

We understand how important it is to feed their body with the right ingredients. Therefore, we are using organic produce, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and never frozen ingredients. We will deliver all of their meals every Sunday and our drivers will personally hand over their package FREE OF CHARGE so you won’t have to be concerned about anything.

Did you know?

Since we have a weekly rotational menu, your parents/grandparents will never get bored of our meals. We understand that they’re of age, they want to enjoy their meals. Our culinary team of experts understand their situation and we will accommodate the taste just as much as nutrition.

One thing is that we’ve been serving our senior clients for years now. We know from A to Z on how we can serve your family. And we can certainly accommodate their allergies and health condition to the fullest extent as well.

With a healthy diet, elderly people can help ward of potential health problems that commonly occur for people at that age. Such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart problems. This will also have a positive affect on maintaining healthy body weight and also increase their energy with the help of nutritious food.

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego

How To Order Meals For Your Parents/Grandparents

Step 1) Click on the link below

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego

Step 2) Answer our questionnaire and input their physical information

Step 3) Choose how many meals you would like to send out to them

Step 4) Click on subscribe

Step 5) After clicking on “Subscribe”, click on the cart on the top right corner

Step 6) Input your billing information and shipping address

Step 7) Confirm your order and you should be able to receive your meals that upcoming Sunday!

With Meal Prep Sunday Serving Seniors, you do not need to commit to any long term contracts, this is a weekly subscription and if we cant earn their satisfaction you can easily pause your subscription before Wednesday noon.

We would love to get a chance to serve them and fulfill our promises and with that said we have a 50% OFF coupon code FIRSTIME for your first order!