Meal prepping may seem extremely difficult and tedious but as with everything, once you get the hang of it, it’s fairly simple. Not only that, but it will positively impact your day to day life. Many misconceptions surround meal prepping such as it being expensive, taking too long, or it being boring and repetitive. Although these can be true, it all depends on your approach. You don’t go into a soccer tournament thinking you’re gonna loose, you go in with a championship mindset. That applies to meal prepping as well, you have to give it a fair chance and give it your all from the get go. Meal prepping not only allows for you to carry on a healthy lifestyle but also keeps your time and money at a minimum.


Less Cheating!

One of the main benefits of meal prepping is less cheating. You may often find yourself eating the cookies in the cookie jar on the counter. But, knowing exactly what you’re going to eat on a week to week basis makes grocery sho[[ing more efficient. If those Oreos aren’t on your list, you simply won’t buy them resulting in none being at your home when those craving come. Instead, you can preplan healthier snacks for each day aside from your main meals and have a healthier alternative. Sure you might have a slip here and there but at least an entire pack of double stuffed Oreos won’t be starring at you on the top of the counter.


Save Money

Regardless of how you view meal prepping, there’s no doubt about the money you will save by doing so. Like mentioned before, you will buy all your groceries beforehand so there’s no confusing as to what you will each on a day to day basis. That being said, eating out is not only usually unhealthy, it can get very expensive.



Time saver

Most people work a 9-5 and trying to carry out a healthy lifestyle around that can be very difficult. Rushing home after starving and still having to do 30min-1hr of cooking or just getting takeout can be very time consuming and stressful. Not only that, but 9/10 you will end up at the nearest fast food joint which completely throws you off your game.


Helps Achieve Fitness Goals

Meal Prepping is not only healthier, time saving, among many others, it also helps keep your fitness goals on track.

Healthy food for endurance, strength and even weight loss so it’s a no-brainer that consistent meal planning should coincide with your fitness routine.



Many will stay away from meal prepping as you can get into the habit of cooking the same 3 healthy meals you know how to cook. But, you don’t always have to make same recipes. You can use this to branch out and try new things.


All in all, meal prepping is a very useful tool in your fitness journey. Its not only effective, but can also be very enjoyable. Not only will you be saving money, you will be reaching your fitness goals, and eating delicious food!