If you’re not planning on starting with a meal prep company located in San Diego or wherever you may be, you should focus on some key things. It’s important to be aware of these specific things in order to meal prep correctly. If preparation is done correctly, meal prepping can be easy. Instead of seeming scary you may even enjoy it! Meal prep company San Diego can often be a convinience or time saver, but knowing how to meal prep on your own is definitely something you should know.


Meal Prepping Tips


Counting macros

Knowing your macros is a great start to meal prepping. We as a meal prep company San Diego county care about you understanding how the service works so we have made an article on what macros are, why they’re important, and how to track them! I will link below. In a short summary, you should know about macros in depth because it’s the most important reason on why you should meal prep. Although meal prepping can be done to save time, money, or even convinience, why not do it right? Counting your macros can make the difference between achieving your fitness goals or not. Heathy food is definetely better than junk food, but the right portion is 10x more effective.

Knowing Source

Being aware of the amounts of each macronutrient you need is vital, but knowing the source is important as well. Although you should keep variety in your meals, sometimes focusing on a few sources can be not only easier but more effective. The differences between best sources completely depend on your goals. A certain type of protein can be perfect for loosing weight but a different source would be perfect for muscle building. Meal prep company San Diego can sometimes disregard this and therefore not give you optimal results.


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These are a few tips but not the only ones we have. Check out our previous blogs (linked below). Get more tips and tricks on meal prepping on your own without a meal prep company San Diego.