Meal prepping is so hard!

Meal Prepping is hard and it can take such a long time, as well as take away from your day. Today we will talk about why Meal Prepping can be difficult for people who are starting out, and what are the things the de-motivate people. When you start meal prepping. You have to go where everyone goes, the grocery store! Most people dread going because you can spend a lot of time and money here if you don’t come prepared. You have make sure you take a grocery bag with you because if you forget you end up buying one or two. You then drive to the grocery store hopping for no traffic. When you arrive at the grocery store you then have to find parking. Once you have found a parking spot, you go look for a bacteria infested kart, that makes you hope that you don’t get sick when you leave the grocery store. After that you have to look for the ingredients make sure you make a list or you’ll forget something. Then you look for the ingredients you then have to then make your way up to the front to purchase your food. You wait in a long slow line and make your way back to your car to load up everything. You have to make sure you load everything correctly to avoid any spills, food getting squashed, or any other messes. When you drive home, you then have to unload everything and get the kitchen ready because your not done you have to cook!. If your like me, horrible in the kitchen then you usually end up on youtube learning and trying to make something. You then start to cook and your not done yet! unless you’d like to have a dirty kitchen. According to Forbes the average person spends 2 hours and 8 min cooking and cleaning. Most people tend to meal prep Sundays because its when they are off from work, so there goes at least 2 to 4 hours of your day just focusing on Meals.


Solution to Meal Prepping being hard.

You may think wow that’s a lot! but heres a solution. Here at Meal Prep Sunday San Diego, we will take care of the cooking for you! No need for the grocery, loading and unloading your car. You also don’t need to keep buying those plastic bags you keep forgetting. Also we change the Meals every week so you don’t have to worry about the food getting boring. Another thing you don’t have to worry about is cleaning your kitchen! Meal prepping can take your Sunday away and we just want to give you your Sunday back! by saving you time, money and making it easy and convenient, by delivering our meals every Sunday to your home, in a special packaging to keep them fresh. No more driving to the grocery store, you just walk to your doorstep and grab your meals.

In addition to everything mentioned we have a very! advanced algorithm that calculates how much protein, carbs , and fats you need to consume based on your fitness goals and your physical attributes. So you if you’ve been trying to lose weight , we can help with that as well!. We will make the process of losing weight easy and enjoyable for you.



In conclusion, Meal Prep Sunday has not made the Meal prepping process easier for people. But has also helped people save time, money, and lose weight in the processes. We realize that Meal Prepping can be hard for most people, especially if you have no idea what your doing with the food, or in the kitchen. Let us help you get your life back! financially and physically. Learn more about Meal Prep Sunday San Diego on our website at