Most Important Factor you should focus on!

Whether you are trying to get shredded (burn maximum fat) or trying to shed weight, metabolism is important. Being aware of your metabolism is very important to maximize the effectiveness of your cardio, weight training, macro-counting, caloric intake, or any other effort you are making to burn fat. For this reason, it’s important to key a good look out for your metabolism before anything.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is referred to the breakdown of food and how it transforms into energy. This process is what determines how efficiently your body uses the food you are consuming. More importantly, your resting metabolism is what matters.This is how many calories your body is able to burn while resting. Having a high resting number is what allows your body to continue burning calories even when resting. This is very important, while you may be burning tons of calories doing cardio for hours at a time, if you are able to raise this, instead of only burning during that time, you would be burning some while carrying out your regular life. An efficient metabolism is what will matter the most at the end of the day.

Our San Diego meal prep service cares about you!

When you are focusing on raising your metabolism, you will be able to be more effective. Bringing you the best meal prep is our main concern, but we strive to teach our clients aswell. Our San Diego meal prep service strongly suggests that you focus on this single aspect which will in turn maximize the rest of your efforts. Like they say, work smarter not harder!


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