There are tons of San Diego meal prep services, but which one is truly nutrition based?

You have probably seen various San Diego meal prep services claim to be ‘Nutrition based’ but what does this actually mean? Being nutrition based should be based on the manipulation of three things, portioning, sourcing, and cooking method. While not all services give importance to these three, they should. Our San Diego meal prep service has used all these three to be able to create the best meal prep for each individual. We value all three of these aspects because in unison, they are what fuels your body perfectly.


The most common misperception of nutrition is that if you are eating healthy, too much won’t hurt. While it seems odd that something healthy can actually affect your body, it can. Too much of anything is bad, whether that be a good or bad thing. Being able to portion is vital to being a nutrition based company. Our San Diego meal prep service puts a lot of effort in portioning out each meal perfectly to target an individual. We measure everything from the protein you are consuming, to the carb, down to the sauce you are receiving. This allows for you to be able to manipulate whether you want your body to maintain weight, lose weight, or even build muscle.


While measuring out each macronutrient source is great, you also have to take into account what it is you are putting into your body. While some meal prep services focus on excluding obvious things for example cake from your diet, you have to look more deep in it to be accurate. While it’s true chicken is a great source of protein for its low fat to high protein ratio it’s more complicated than that. Being able to know the difference between why you should chose chicken breast over a chicken thigh is important. The difference between these two is immense! Even things which are considered bad such as red meat should be included. While for some red meat is too fatty, others trying to bulk, red meat is perfect! Taking into consideration each person one to one

Cooking Method

Last but not least, cooking plays a huge role when being a nutrition based company. While you can do the perfect sourcing and portioning, you can ruin a foods integrity by cooking it in the wrong way. Picture this, a 6oz chicken breast fits your macros perfectly for your lunch. But, lets say you are not informed about the best cooking methods. Let’s say you fry this chicken breast. While it was the perfect source and portion, frying added tons and tons of unwanted fat. Being nutrition based, you should focus on healthier options like baking or even grilling!

Nutrition Based

So while being nutrition based is dependent on a few things, these things should be used together perfectly. Carrying out all three in unison helps you achieve your ultimate fitness goal.