Our thermal insulated bags that we use to deliver our meals
Drivers Loading Deliveries

Our meal prep delivery service began in beautiful sunny San Diego where we delivered to San Diego Locals who were looking for healthy macro portioned meals. We started for the purpose of helping to save time and money spent on takeout. As time went on we expanded to Los Angeles and Orange County. We did so to accommodate outside of our base in San Diego. Wherever our clientele may be, we knew that the ordering and delivery process had to be easy! Heres our ordering process for our meal prep service!

Online Ordering With Our Meal Prep Service

Our Online Algorithm

Our user friendly website ensures that you know exactly what your getting as a client with our meal prep service. From the time that your meals arrive to the time that your next bill is due, yours always in the loop. Our online ordering process begins with our advanced algorithm. This algorithm takes your physical info and calculates exactly how many grams of fats, carbs and protein are required for your daily life. This allows us to macro portion your meals accordingly to deliver meals that will keep you energized and on track to accomplishing your fitness goals with our fully prepared macro portioned meals. After this section you will select your plan and complete checkout. Orders placed before Sundays at 6pm will be delivered that same Sunday.

Our Meal Prep Service Fully Prepares & Macro Portions Your Meals

New York steak, white rice, broccoli
and black bean dish

Once your order is in our system we begin the cooking process. Our meal prep service orders the freshest and highest quality ingredients with our local suppliers. Using organic produce, grass fed beef, free range chicken and wild caught seafood to carefully craft your well meals. We accommodate meals for all goals ranging from bulking, shredding, weight-loss, and balanced. Our process of cooking is heavily focused on keeping every ingredient as fresh as possible. Our San Diego based headquarters house an industrial sized fridge that we use to store ingredients before, during and after cooking. Even using the fridge to pack the sealed meals into our thermal insulated bags with ice packs that we use for delivering the meals straight to to your doorstep.

Delivering Your Fully Prepared Meals

Fully Prepared Meals Delivered
Straight to Your Doorstep

The meals will be packaged in an insulated thermal bag along with a few packs of ice. This helps to keep your meals in a temperature controlled environment during the delivery process. Our meal prep delivery service delivers your meals every Sunday or Monday if needed. Delivery is completely free and interactive. Once the meals are on the way to you, our driver will send you an ETA text. After the meals arrived at your doorstep our driver will send a confirmation text to notify you that the meals have arrived. Keeping our delivery process contactless and interactive!