Our San Diego meal prep service Mission Statement

Our mission statement here at Meal Prep Sunday San Diego is Good to Great! What does this mean? It means we are always trying to improve. Our San Diego meal prep service vision is to provide better meal prep, nutrition, delivery, tips, and overall service each and every week. Improving is vital to us as there is always room for improvement. We strive to go from good service to GREAT service!



What makes us different?


Our San Diego meal prep service wants to reduce or completely eliminate the need to shop, cook, or clean, but nutrition is our main concern. We take pride in being able to correctly source portion, and prepare meals for each individual. Our program is macro based. What this means, is that we specifically portion based on your personal attributes and fitness goals. How do we do this? On our website you will go through a questionnaire that based on our algorithm create a meal prep plan for your needs. This is applied to our weekly menu.


We have a new menu changing every week. Although we may repeat customer favorites every 4 weeks known as “All-star” meals we will keep repeating meals at a minimum. This allows for you to enjoy your meals as well as try new recipes, cooking methods, and even ingredients. We are the only San Diego meal prep service who has a changing menu like this. This will keep you on track for a long time by allowing you to ENJOY eating. Meal prep doesn’t have to be bland, boring, or even repetitive!

Chef Inspired Meals

Our meals are changing every week but are also chef-inspired. So what exactly is chef-inspired? We believe meal prepping should be enjoyed. Everything from the way we cook, recipes we use, spices, herbs, and everything in between makes our meal restaurant quality while maintaining it’s nutritional value. Our executive chef has 20+ years of experience and each and every meal represents that!

Extra Tips

On top of our algorithm creating a meal plan, it will also put together a workout plan which will best meet your needs. This, on top of informational worksheets such as snack guides and weekly blogs on nutrition will help you understand nutrition better. Using all these resources will guarantee we are doing our best as your preferred San Diego meal prep service and are on the perfect track to reach your fitness goals.


We offer FREE Sunday delivery, in our thermal insulated bags. These bags will keep your meal prep fresh for 2-3 hours after delivery incase you are unable to be there when delivery is done. This ensures you are receiving the freshest meals possible. We take extra steps to ensure you are getting the best quality such as implement vacuum sealed meals. This method of packaging removes up to 3% of oxygen replacing it with a nitrogen flush. This method doesn’t allow bacteria which thrive in oxygen abundant environments to grow as quick. This in turn, allows for your meal prep to be fresher, tastier, and even allow you to take advantage of more nutrients that the aging of food can break down.


Overall, we are very nutrition orientated, and provide the perfect tools to help you reach your fitness goals. We are very proud to be able to serve you and hope to continue not only meeting but EXCEEDING your expectations!