Meal Prep Sunday San Diego is primarily a health and fitness driven company. Based on your physical information and your fitness goals, we will choose the ingredients, portion, and fully prepare your meals for your daily nutritional needs. This allows us to make a custom work-out plan and personalized meal plan just for you that will help achieve your fitness goals! All of the meals will be delivered FRESH, free of charge every Sunday in our thermal isolated bags between 3-6pm. This will help keep your meals fresh from our kitchen to your fridge. To keep your meals fresh for 7 days we vacuum seal and nitrogen flush your meals to naturally extend the shelf life of our meals. With our weekly rotating menu you will always have a variety of fully prepared tasty meals that will keep you from will getting bored of eating bland meals. Our meals are fully customizable for your convenience so that you are able to perfectly enjoy all of your meals.

How to get started

Step 1 – Find the questionnaire

On the top right corner of our Homepage , click on the “Find My Personalized Meal Prep Plan” and answer (gender, age, weight, activity level)

Step 2 – Choosing your package

Let us know how many meals you want and let our advanced algorithm calculate what you need to eat to achieve your fitness goals.

Step 3 – Menu of the week

When you choose and selected your package (5, 10, 15 meals a week), you can scroll down and view our menu of the week

Step 4 – Add to Cart

Click on “subscribe” automatically your package will be added to your cart. From there you have two options:

  1. Click on “view cart” in the green section that automatically appears on top of the page.
  2. .Click on the Cart tab on the top right corner and click on view cart.

Step 5 – Using Coupon codes

When you are viewing your items on your cart, you have an option to apply your coupon codes and then click “proceed to checkout”

Step 6 – Billing and delivery info

When you are on our check out page, fill in your billing information on the left side and your delivery information on the right, and at the bottom of the page add your card information and click on “place your order” to complete your purchase.


Important things to know!

Meal shelf life – With our advance packaging, your meals will stay fresh for up to 7 day. We wouldn’t suggest eating your meals after 7 days or freezing them.

Automated billing system – Automatically every week you will be charged on Wednesday noon.

Cut off time – If you’d like to freeze/cancel your subscription the only thing you need to do is notify us before Wednesday noon (after Wednesday noon, we are not accepting anymore cancellations)

Customization – You can modify your meals by letting us know your request in the notes section located in our check out page.

Delivery – You will receive you meals every Sunday between 3-6pm in our insulated thermal bags with our ice pack inside. (We can deliver your meals any day after Sunday as well)

Unsatisfied? – If you are not satisfied with any of our meals, we will refund cost of that specific meal no questions asked.



Other than the fact that we are saving you $60 and 15hrs a week by removing shopping, cooking, and cleaning from your life. And also bringing you well balanced healthy nutritious meals. Our primary goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our advanced algorithm will calculate wht you need to eat for your fitness goals based on your physical information. We also include 90 day synced training program to make sure that we can guarantee your results. Check out some of our success story videos below!

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Trusted by professionals!

We our proud to see that many professionals trust us to fuel their body with our meals!


History of Meal Prep Sunday San Diego

We would love to get a chance to serve you because we believe we can stay behind our promises and add a lot of values to your life!

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