Why does packaging matter?

If you walk into a grocery store, you will see tons of food everywhere. While some may be in bags, plastic containers, even in cans, have you ever stopped to think of why? Protecting food is essential in not only keeping it fresh for the consumer but also for nutritional value. Our San Diego meal prep company is aware that as food ages, it loses many properties such as vitamins and minerals that the food contains. This is taken into account greatly as our service is mainly to deliver great nutrition to our clients. When trying to keep fruits and veggies fresh, they are often put into sealed cans with tons of preservatives. This in turn, causes these fruits and vegetables be more of an unhealthy option rather than a healthy one. Packaging plays a huge role the food industry as there are tons of different methods with different purposes. Determining what you need the package to do will allow you to know which to choose.

How Our San Diego meal prep company packages your food:

Our San Diego meal prep service uses a method of packaging which is very unique. We vacuum seal meals. What does that mean? Vacuum sealing meals is a process in which we vacuum out the air in the container and replace it with a nitrogen. Although this sounds like it’s unnatural, it does not add any natural preservatives. How it works is that the nitrogen will slow down the process in which your meal prep ages, keeping it fresher for longer. This allow you to get meals which are dense in nutrients and be able to take complete advantage plenty of days after.

Why are we unique?

Although a nitrogen flush vacuum system is a great attribute to our packaging system, it’s not more popular because i can be quite costly and requires more work. But, this little addition makes all the difference. If you usually save leftovers, you know that they aren’t as tasty after a few days. After a couple of days, the food will start to lose taste. Leftovers are great a day or two after, but anytime over that, they’re not ideal. That being said, imagine you could get the taste of freshly cooked meals up to 7 days after cooking! That, makes the difference between regular containers and vacuum sealed meals!