Choosing the perfect San Diego meal prep service can be difficult. Although there are plenty of options, that can be the issue. Having too many options can cloud your judgement. In the end, too many options can lead just picking a random one.

What does the perfect San Diego meal prep service consist of?

There are various aspects you should focus us when trying to find the perfect San Diego meal prep service. These include but aren’t limited to; taste, portion, source, and extra information. All these are very important and should be taken into account. Knowing the difference in San Diego meal prep services is the perfect way to make the most of your money.


Taste should be very important when choosing a San Diego meal prep service. If you are satisfied with what you are eating, it’s easier to continue with the meal plan. That being said, there are various different spices, seasonings, and even food combinations that naturally enhance food. Being able to do this ensures you are not only looking at the nutrition aspect but also keeping in mind the nutrition. Not liking the taste can lead to your becoming discouraged and even quitting!


Portion is very important in nutrition. A “healthy” meal not portioned for you, doesn’t benefit you at all. Too much of anything, even good can be a bad thing. If you are not getting the right portion of each macronutrients, your San Diego meal prep service is not personalizing your meals.


Although portion is very important, so is source. Some sources of protein can be perfect for someone trying to loose weight, others can be good for building muscle. Same thing goes with everything from car source or even veggies. Your San Diego meal prep service should keep an eye out for this.

Extra information

Does your San Diego meal prep service provide any extra information? Are they sending you any tips to maximize their meals effectiveness? Being able to have a support system for food tips or even workout tips is EXTREMELY helpful. Sometimes your fitness journey can seem lonely. It’s all about you, but having a great support system can make everything a million times easier.

Your local San Diego meal prep service:

Although here at Meal Prep Sunday we deliver you food, it’s not all we care about. We genuinely care for each and every client and hope that they are getting the best out of meals. The way to do this is by creating not only the perfect meals, but the perfect workout plan, and even snack guide. Fitness is a mix of various things and optimal results require a perfect mix of everything. We strive to see all our clients on their path to their fitness goals whatever they may be. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully we can serve you in the future!