Why is everybody talking about him when they want to design their meal prep plan? He plays a significant role in your fitness goal. No Matter what is your fitness goal, or even what is your age and gender. Wikipedia tells you he is large biomolecules or macromolecules. Consisting of one or more long chains of amino acid residues. Proteins perform a vast array of functions within organisms. Including catalyzing metabolic reactions, DNA replication, responding to stimuli and transporting molecules from one location to another. But what you need to know really about him that you can achieve your fitness goal? Understanding protein will help you design your Meal Prep plan Efficiently.


Protein builds lean muscle mass

If you are working out, and you are trying to build lean muscle mass to gain size in the gym. Without consuming enough protein. Building muscle is impossible. On the other side, if you are trying to burn fat. If you are not planning enough protein in your meal prep plan, you cannot increase your muscle mass and eventually your resting metabolic rate, calories that you are burning while you are resting, which is one of the most critical criteria for reaching optimal fat burning speed. Protein is building blocks of the muscle.


Do not forget that we have a thousand types of protein. Not all proteins have equal value to muscle building process. The protein in vegetables is not as valuable compared to Dairy and meat type protein for building muscle. To maximize your muscle building, you need to have chicken, beef, turkey, and dairy in your meal prep plan.

Protein and meal prep plan

Protein makes your digestive system to work harder

Bodyworks harder naturally to digest protein. For the body to absorb protein. The body needs to break down the protein into amino acids molecules to be able to use them for different purposes. The bonds between atoms in the protein are strong. Naturally, they will make the body to works harder to break down these bonds which it will lead to increasing your metabolism that will help you to burn more calorie. So, by having protein in your meal prep plan, you can burn more calories by increasing your metabolism from digesting protein.


Protein makes you feel full for longer time

Another simple factor that helps people to burn more fat and calories by consuming protein successfully is that because it will take longer to digest protein compare to other two macronutrients which are carbohydrate and fat, you will feel full for longer time. It means you will not need to eat anything to feel full which it means consuming fewer calories in one day. So, by planning the right amount of protein in your meal prep plan, you can decree total caloric intake and increase your metabolism that both of them can help you to maximize your fat burning process.


Protein source to use in your Meal Prep Plan

Amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine, are building blocks of muscle tissues. You can find them mostly in chicken, beef, Turkey, Egg, cheese, pork, and nuts. When you want to choose your protein source when you are designing your meal prep plan, you need to pay attention to fat content and protein content per ounce of each protein. Because even if your goal is to gain muscle, you do not want to gain fat.

You need to pay attention to each macronutrient individually, to consume the right portion at the right time. Over consuming, protein can lead to increased fat storage of your body, because the body tends to store extra protein in the form of fat. It is essential to pay attention when you are designing your meal prep plan to make sure you are consuming enough protein at the right time.


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