What is protein?

Whether you are a nutritionist, bodybuilder, or just an average Joe who doesn’t know a single thing about nutrition, protein is a huge part of your diet. Contrary to popular belief, it’s present in various foods outside of your typical beef, poultry, eggs, etc. Protein can be found in many plant foods such as whole grains, beans, nuts, vegetables, among others. It takes up your bones, hair, blood, connective tissue, and so many other components of your body which explains how crucial it is for your health.


Correctly balancing your meal prep:

Balancing your diet into various sources of protein is essential in maintaining a healthy diet. Although it may seem hard to get the recommended amount per day, it’s quite simple. Most meal prepping companies create “base” meals which are healthy, but not always the most efficient. Should a 28 year old 210 lb bodybuilder consume the same amount of protein as a 54 year old, 140 lb stay at home mom? The answer is very obvious, of course not. Intake varies by age, gender, weight, gender, lifestyle, etc. Taking this into a consideration, just because a meal is “healthy” doesn’t mean it’s ideal. Meal prepping companies often disregard these crucial factors which ultimately leads to loss of that “healthy” alternative they’re supposed to provide.


Simply consuming the recommended amount of protein is not enough. Being able to portion your meals correctly is very important. Spreading intake between meals and snacks isn’t easy or cheap but it is well worth it. An effective way to achieve this, is meal prepping or turning to one of many meal prepping companies available. Doing this will ensure you are tracking roughly the amount of protein consumed. Another main concern is know when to focus your bigger intakes. Eating protein after exercise ideally before the hour mark. This is one of the main things you can do to boost your muscles as this is when they are the most sensitive to nutrients they need to repair and grow. Implementing these two things efficiently, you are able to maximize your body’s ability to not only digest, but also absorb protein correctly and effectively.