In previous blogs we have discussed the first two steps of meal prepping. (I will link that blog below) But, today we will focus on how to implement the right protein source in your meal prep plan. The first step is knowing how much protein you are getting per ounce in relation to fat in each different source. Not only that, but also what types of fat. A high number of say unsaturated fat is better than a high number of saturated fat. A protein source with high protein can also contain high fat so it’s important to keep a good eye.

Best Protein Source

There are various protein sources you can choose from I will be naming a few.

Chicken breast is one, if not the best protein source. You can get a lot of protein to build lean muscle mass. In 4oz of chicken breast, you are able to get around 35g protein while only consuming 3-4g fat. Tons of amino acids in different sources of protein serve a different purpose and chicken has the right ones for building muscle as well as burning fat.

Red meat can contain a lot of protein along with fat but that doesn’t necessarily make it bad. For building muscle, red meat is perfect. It is important to consume this as it will allow your body to build muscle the easiest. If you are trying to burn fat/loose weight, you need to balance these different types of protein. Consuming red meat allows your body to not only build muscle faster but directly affects your metabolism. This means, that while you are building muscle, your body is also burning fat at a faster rate.

Moving away from red meats and chicken, tilapia can be very beneficial aswell. Not only does it contain high protein but low fat aswell. This allows for the body to get a high protein intake with minimal fat.


How to include in my meal prep plan

Although we touched on three types of perfect sources of protein, we encourage you to use two protein sources to three max. The reasoning behind this, is that it’ll be easier to make your meal preps. Trying to include many different protein sources can be time consuming and difficult. It’s not hard to change the season on the same protein source to change the flavor a bit.