Finding a meal prep service in San Diego is fairly easy; finding the right one is what’s difficult. There are tons of meal prepping companies to choose from so how do you do that exactly? There are three key things that you should focus on when finding a meal prep service in San Diego; quantity, quality, and service. These three things are important to keep in mind as they will determine how effective a meal prep service will be to your fitness goals.



First off, you need to make sure you aren’t just eating “healthy” food, you have to make sure you are eating the RIGHT food. Too much of anything can be bad, but so can too little. Each person has different caloric needs, as well as the amounts of each macronutrient. A common strategy many meal prep service in San Diego have, is the mass production of meal preps. These meal prepping companies have a “one size fits all” mindset. Although it might target certain person perfectly, it’s impossible for each and every person to fit into the same category.

Think about it like a shoe, say I have only a size 10 men in a specific shoe, what would happen if a male size 13 wanted to buy the shoe? Although hundreds of thousands of guys are a size 10, a size 10 mens will not be ideal for everyone. More often than not, meal prep companies will try to cut corners and ultimately don’t provide the best product. For this reason, customization is key. Not only do you want to be eating the right food, but also the right quantities of each food. Macronutrients your body needs are drasticaly different when basing on weight, height, age, even fitness goal. If you are trying to loose weight, build muscle, burn fat, all these should be taken into account when consuming a product.



Personalization is important, but so is quality. Many meal prep companies in San Diego are able to keep their prices considerably low but at what cost? Quality should be a big focus, even if you aren’t super strict about your diet. What you put into your body is what your body will be able to reciprocate. Major things to look out for are organic, grass fed, free range, all these ensure your food is coming from the best places. When trying to cut down on price, the quality of the food is usually what is sacrificed. Although a certain meal prep service in San Diego may catch your eye completely based on their affordable prices, there is a reason for those low prices. In order for exceptional results, you need to provide your body with the tools to achieve that.




Quality and quantity are very important when looking for a meal prep service in San Diego but it is just as important to be able to get the best out of your service. More specific, being able to have a team of experts educate you on why you are eating certain meals, and having that connection with the team is very important. Having someone to reassure you is definetely something you should look for. As I said before, for optimal results you need to have correct quantity, quality, and understand why you are doing this.


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