Choosing recipes

While cooking your day to day meals is already hard enough, trying to cook healthy options for you meal prep is even harder. Focusing on getting the right combination on carbohydrates, protein, and fat can be a tiny bit harder. Popular recipes can be customized to meet the daily macronutrient (protein, fat, carb) levels you need. Our San Diego meal prep service incorporates things such as lasagna, or even pancakes. Substituting ingredients make this possible.

Substituting Ingredients

When popular recipes are not ideal based on their nutritional value, you can always change the ingredients. For our pasta recipe, instead of using layers and layers of pasta, we use cucumber and eggplant layers. Keeping a few layers of pasta, it allows you for the taste of lasagna. Doing these types of substitutions allows you to include various of your favorite recipes, without getting over the taste of your meal prep!


Keeping it Simple

Although keeping it interesting is important to be able to maintain it long term, so is ease. Being able to balance easy dished and interesting ones will make your prep time enjoyable. If you have too many difficult recipes, you won’t be able to prepare them in a short time. This can make preparation a drag and discourage you to keep doing it. So, making sure to include various dishes is key to staying on track.


How our San Diego meal prep service Does This

We take pride in keeping the variety in our meal prep while bringing you the most nutritional value. It’s very important to us that you enjoy the service, this like I mentioned, will keep you on track longer. Enjoying your fitness journey is key to maintaining a constant approach. Being able to carry your fitness goals long term is what allows you to get permanent results.