How do meal prep companies portion your meals?

There are various ways in which San Diego meal prep companies portion your meal prep plans. There can be controversies on which method is the best to use. But, San Diego meal prep companies often serve different markets. So, in order to judge each method without a bias we will look at it not as one of the various San Diego meal prep companies, but rather as a potential client. There are many differences in San Diego meal prep companies and the methods they use so I will go throughly thru all of them.

Types of Meal Prep Plans

Macro Based Meals

If you are unsure of what macros are we have a blog explaining throughly what they are. Very briefly, macros are the daily values you should consume from protein, carbohydrates, and fat. These values are based on your physical attributes and your ultimate fitness goal. Your macros can vary but there are online calculators which make figuring out these values easy. Knowing how much of these different macro-nutrients you should be consuming on a daily basis you are able to maximize your body’s potential. San Diego meal prep services who use macros to portion your meals are more fitness or nutrition geared. Meal Prep Sunday San Diego prides itself in being one of the few who use this method. Our website guides you through an extensive questionnaire with an algorithm which helps us calculate your macros and provide a PERSONALIZED meal plan.

Pre-portioned meals

Macro-based meals are perfect, but there are also pre-portioned meals. What this means is a ‘cooking cutter’ meal. These types of meal prep plans are not targeted to a specific individual and are used merely for convinience. These meals are marketed as ‘healthy’ but what is healthy for a 200lb might not be healthy for a 100lb female to consume and vise-versa. San Diego meal prep companies who use this method are not necessarily bad, but they are not nutrition orientated. These meal prep plans can be convenient but why not get convinience and be healthy at the same time?
All in all, regardless of the San Diego meal prep companies you may have your eye on you should focus on what is important to you. Knowing the difference in service is good to be aware of. Happy meal prepping!